Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday's - What ya gonna do???

So I really want to get to working on a few projects but first there is . . .

A Mountain of Laundry to Tackle

An Empty Fridge to Fill

Dentist Appt. to Drag all my Kids Too

And Just Maybe I will get to  taking a Shower :)

All right, that's all the brake I can afford as the buzzer to the drier just went off.  Back to the grind.  Tomorrow I will be announcing a winner of the giveaway, keep your fingers crossed :)

*** These pictures are not of my shower, my kids, my fridge, or my laundry.  Good old Google Images :) (Although the shower does look nice, I would certainly trade it for mine :)
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  1. ugh. Im totally ignoring my to do list today. I was just looking longingly at my bed... sigh...


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