Thursday, September 9, 2010

Chubby Stars Quilt-A-Long "Sorta"

Sorta is because I am no longer quilting a-long. I got so excited I just couldn't stop with this weeks assignment of 4 blocks. So now the top is completed and I am debating about borders. I think I will ponder on it for a day or two.

It turned out much more fall-ish that I first anticipated when I choose the fabrics but I am super happy with it. See those little squares, they are 1 inch squares. Like in the size of a quarter. Super tiny and super cute!! Thanks Tracey for hosting such an amazingly fun and creative quilt-a-long!

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  1. overachiever... ;)

    I love your focal fabrics, and that chain is really cute. :)

    I left a comment on your flickr pic, but I did have a couple ideas for finishing...

    I hadn't got to the step where I explained it yet (I'll do so tomorrow in case anyone else is as speedy as you!), but my plan was to alter the squares on the edge so that there weren't errant star points, but just solid squares where you weren't intersecting (if that makes sense).

    If you felt like ripping, you could borrow the star points from the edges and move them to the border, while replacing them with just the brown squares. But that sounds like too much work to me. I think I'd finish my star points with the brown, or.... I don't know...

  2. Wow you rocked it Melissa! I really love the background colors you chose.

    I sadly have only made two squares AND I will be MIA for all of next week. I hate falling behind on quilt alongs.

  3. This is so beautiful - perfect for fall, too!

  4. i love your color choices!!! looks beautiful!


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