Friday, November 5, 2010

Losing my Mind over Lost Pictures - UPDATED

So a few days ago I had to change my email because the old one was compromised.  It was a mess.  I had that email for 10 years and changing over to a new address took me all morning.  I thought I had it all worked.  Now I log on this morning to find that all of the pictures on my blog, that were posted under the old email address are gone.  Ahh, I am really hoping that this is just my computer but I highly doubt it.  So can you see the pictures on my blog, besides the one of my toes??

I have a feeling I am going to have some major work ahead to fix it.

We'll I was right.  It appears that since the pictures that I uploaded were done under my old email address log on that they no longer have a proper link to connect to.  So what does that mean for me . . reloading all of my pictures :)  Ya, I cried for a little bit over that.  It also happened on my personal family blog (which is much older and has a lot more pictures).  But after I got over the tears I figured - best get to work.   I have started but it will be a bit before all is back to normal :)
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  1. I think google is having picture trouble or something. They are not showing half the peoples photos today. Some yes, some no.

    Maybe that is all that it is!

  2. Sorry-only the toe pictures are showing up here.

    (I use photobucket for all my pictures. I upload any photos into my free photobucket account, and then it gives me the html code to put them into my blog posts. Works like a charm!)

  3. Sorry. I can only see the toes one at the moment. :(

    Google ties EVERYTHING with that email account and it makes me nervous. So, I currently use photobucket for my pictures.

  4. I had to change my email address a few weeks back and that did not happen to me. Did you maybe get a virus that changed where you pictures are kept? I hope that you get this all worked out. It can be very upsetting when computers don't work right.

  5. So sorry this happened. I'd like to hear how to post with picture from photobucket. I have an account, but just post my pictures on blogger, but I see a lot of people have used up their free space and are having to pay for more pictures.

  6. Sorry, just not a good week for you....hope the sunshines soon...

  7. Ahhh this is a bummer...well my dear, you begin again..we all have had some happens...hope your toes are what happened there??? I think I missed that all together...keep your feet up lol

  8. I'm so sorry! I'd be crying too - and calling my grandson the computer geek to help. :) blessings, marlene


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