Sunday, January 9, 2011

Laughing with Friends

So last night I tried to get in a last bit of sewing done before I go without a machine for 5 days.  I was sewing some of those HST that are made out of 2 layer cake pieces and each time I got to the corner I just started laughing.  Why you ask??  Because this is what I was thinking in my head "PIVOT, PIVOT, PIVOT".  Oh man, I was laughing so hard I was crying.  (and it was late).  Good Times.  Oh, and if  you don't know why this made me laugh check this out, and if you do know why this made me laugh check this out also, It is a blooper take of the scene and it is hilarious!!!

So this is it for the next few days as I will be computer-less as well.  But check back on Friday.  I have some super exciting things to announce :)  
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  1. thanks for the laugh!! And we will miss you this week.

  2. I remember that episode - too funny. I would be laughing too. Enjoy some down time while you are "techie" minus.

  3. I have some questions about a quilt you made. Is it possible to e-mail you? I didn't see an e-mail addres....


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