Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's Up, It's Down :(

So I had my Twitter account all lined up and was posting on it just great.  Then I went to check it later in the evening to find that my account has been frozen.  Don't know why???  I am working with Customer Service to get it fixed.  So just wanted to leave a quick note in case you tried to follow me and you weren't allowed :)  Hopefully it will be all fixed soon so I can get back to tweeting :)

And be sure to check back tomorrow.  I am so excited!!!  I have another Moda Bake Shop tutorial coming out :)  And since I am so excited, I will leave you a little sneak peak :)  Don't you just love anything by MoMo!!!!!  These colors are fantastic and so Spring!!!

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  1. Just Wing It is positively stunning, and I've been trying to find just the right pattern to use it with - looking forward to seeing yours!

  2. That looks like some gorgeous fabric!

    I think twitter freezes new accounts pretty frequently to make sure they aren't spam accounts. They should fix yours soon =)

  3. looks good ! pretty colors to brighten up this gloomy weather ! good luck with twitter ; I did notice last night it said ' does not exist ' when I clicked on your twitter user id !

  4. Ohhh I love that fabric line! I can't wait to see your next recipe.


  5. Love, love those colors of the MoMo fabrics! Can't wait to see your bake shop recipe!
    Jacque in SC

  6. I was on Twitter a few years ago and killed the account because I found it spread my wings just a bit too far/thin. LOL Good luck fixing it though.

    Can't wait to see the next recipe you have. I always like seeing your name on one of the bakeshop recipes. You're work is so inspiring to me.


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