Monday, October 31, 2011

All Framed Up Alternate's

So I was just giddy the other day when Leah from Burgundy Buttons told me that the All Framed Up Baby Quilt kits in Ruby had already sold out.  I guess you all really like that quilt design.  I can't tell you how happy that makes me to know that people are super excited to whip up one of my tutorials :)  

Leah also mentioned, that she had some special requests to make some alternate kits.  So the same design, but different fabric lines.  So she got right to it and just listed those alternate kits.  So I thought I would pass on the word in case you wanted a kit but they were already sold out in Ruby.  You know have 5 other options.
Love the look of bright warm colors?
  A kit made with Flora might make
 you feel warm and fuzzy all over!

If you're a girly girl, 
Sophie might have just the feminine touch you crave.

 A vintage kit made with Curio
 has a place in any romantics home.

If you're a homebody, 
Hometown might be right down
 your neighborhood ally!

 Pay tribute to days past
 with a retro kit made with Circa 1934.

 So there you have it.  
Don't you just love how the same design can look
 so different depending on the fabric you choose.  
I always think that is just the coolest. 
 Have a Happy Quilting Day!
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  1. It is a darling pattern. Congrats on your creation! So neat to see it in different fabric lines. I think they are all cute.

  2. It is sew nice to see the different fabrics you used for the same pattern.

  3. ooh I really like sophie and hometown!

    Congrats on your first set of kits selling out!!

  4. Yippe, I knew it would be a success. Love all the other Moda fabrics too

  5. Oooh, I finally had a chance to look over the pattern (slow day with both kids napping...) and I see that I only need 2 charm packs and OF COURSE I've got some of those that need to be used. Maybe I will be making this in Neptune or Odyssea...hmmm...


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