Thursday, October 20, 2011

Introducing T.N.T. Thursday!!!!

Welcome to the Inaugural post of Trying New Things aka TNT Thrusday!!!  I am so excited!!!

So what is TNT Thursday??  We'll lets back up just a bit.  A few weeks ago I attended the Sewing Summit and the main thing I gleaned from it was to keep trying new things.  You know, push out of your comfort zone and find out what you can do.  I was so excited I decided to make a goal to really try and consitenly push myself to try new things in my little hobby world.  So with that goal in mind . . . I decided to make a weekly link up for extra motivation for me and to help motivate you all out there :)

And that is how TNT came to be!!  TNT stands for Trying New Things.  (I wasn't really digging this name but when I figured out that the initials were TNT I decided that I could get to like the name better because I absolutely loved TNT, it just sounds so intriguing. )  It will be here each and every Thursday (hopefully earlier in the future ) for you to link up your post on the New Try of that week :)

Now, let me stress, this doesn't have to be anything big and please don't feel like you can't post if it isn't quilt related.  I would love to get the entire hand sewing / crafty / quilting / crochet / embroidery / ect, ect. ect. industry represented here :)  So whatever it is that you tried new just link it up :)

My TNT Thursday!!!!

We'll this week I really had to stretch myself.  I tried expanding my quilting blogging skills by adding a Linky to this blog so that I can do TNT going forward.  You wouldn't think it would be that hard, it is pretty straight forward, but of course, I still struggled. (Hence the reason this post is up later than I would have liked ;)  However, I persevered and now we have a wonderful linky powered by Linked In with pictures and everything!!  Yippee Skippee!!!!

SO  . . . That's mine, (see I told you it didn't have to be anything big) now you can share yours.  What is one new thing you tried this week.  Blog about it and then link it up :) Oh, and like all great linky parties please remember the following two things.
     1 - Show some comment love to your fellow linkers.  We all like extra encouragment and a bit of praise for tackling new things.
     2 -  Link your post back to my blog somehow.  You can use the awesome button above that was created by my wonderful blog designer, Becca!!  (just FYI . . . She does free-lance work on the side if you are need of a little blog makeover and her prices are really great :)

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  1. So, I'm cheating slightly because we didn't try this THIS week, but I did write about it this week. And it's the work of someone else, not me, but hopefully it's okay to link up? You can delete my link if not, I won't be offended! We visited a maple farm and tried their cheese and maple syrup - and even maple soda - and learned how all of it is made!

  2. This is such a fun idea!! I am going to be posting about something new that I did this week tomorrow, so I'll link up nice and early before it's too late! Fun idea!!

  3. Awesome idea Melissa! Change is good. :)

  4. This is exciting. I will have to keep it in mind to link up at another time when I have something new to show. Thanks!

  5. I agree - great idea. Half the fun is trying new techniques, fabrics, etc. Thanks!

  6. Great idea! I love to try new things and seeing new things that others do!

  7. The project I entered here I started last month and it is two new things....zendoodle designs on fabric using my sewing machine AND stem stitch around the design and the letters!! I have tons of new things I want to try....I will keep it to the present week!

  8. Argh! So much happened today that I didn't get a chance to blog about my TNT! I was so excited too because I read your post after the Sewing Summit and I knew you were going to be starting this. Oh well. Maybe next week. Thank you for giving us all a place to share our new adventures!!

  9. What an excellent idea! I hope I can come play with you soon... I'll try for two weeks (away this Thursday :( )!


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