Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I've Been Seeing Stars!!!

This last week I have been focused on making Stars!!!!  And I must say, I forgot how much I loved making these blocks.  These stars are part of my Stars Quilt-A-Long quilt.  I finished the Block 1 and 2 sets months ago along with the Quilt-A-Long.  Then I kind of fell behind.

I am making this quilt for my daughter's bedroom (she got our old queen bed frame when we got a king) and now that the frame is in her room she is getting antsy for the quilt to be put on it.  So this week it was all about putting her at the top of the priority list :).

So . . . These are the finished Block 3's

These are the finished Block 4's

These are the finished Block 5's

and these are the finished Block 6's 

Yippee Skippee!!!  All of the blocks are done!!!  Now I am just playing with the layout on the floor.  I tried hard not to over-think it to much and just started laying them out so that I would get a nice random pattern. Then I moved a few around to try and give the colors balance.

So what do you think???  Does it look balanced??  Any suggestions on any blocks that should be moved???  It's still on the living room floor so changes can be made easily :)  *EDIT - I moved things around a bit according to some great suggestions that were given.  So this is the "new new" layout :)  Any new suggestions??

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  1. I love stars and those are great. Love the way it turned out

  2. I love it! Stars have always been a favorite of mine. Your daughter is going to go nuts over this quilt. I like your layout, looks good.

  3. It is beautiful! I would not change a thing.

  4. Nice job.

    For the layout, my eye immediately saw that the lowest left row, the 2nd and 3rd ones in from the left look very much the same. And the other thing that catches my eys is that the 3rd row from the left going down has 4 blocks that look almost the same. You might want to consider changing those up a bit. But that is just my 2 cents.

  5. oh the colors are wonderful....makes me want to make another stars quilt!

  6. The blocks are beautiful. I saw the same as Michele - with the 3rd row from the left, those 4 blocks going down kind of stand out as being almost the same. But maybe in real life view that isnt the case. Check it out and see what you think.

    1. i agree - i think they are all too pale... and you've got some overall dark areas that could use a pale bit in them (top right)

  7. I like how you framed those so that they are on different angles that adds some spice to the stars I have never thought to do that before. Now hurry and get the quilt done cant leave those kids hanging.


  8. I love star and these are wonderful.

  9. Ooh, this looks fab. Maybe misx up the 3rd column top 4 blocks a bit so they're not all the same style

  10. I love the quilt. I noticed that the third row from the left, the first four stars going down are very similar.
    I would go down to the second one, swap it with the one on the right. Then go down to the fourth one, and again swap it with the one on the right.
    On the bottom row, I would swap out the third from the left with the one on the far right, the 2nd and 3rd are very similar in color. I think the quilt is beautiful. Next time I lay out a quilt I am going to do this same thing, ask for opinions. What a wonderful way to get help. Please post a finished pic on the bed! Great job!!

  11. Awww! Those look beautiful!! That is going to be a beautiful quilt for her bed!! Yay!

  12. Love it!! Center left has several open stars center right has several solid stars. That's all I saw!

  13. You must not have a fabric eating dog. Anything on the floor is fair game. It looks really cute.

  14. Looking good! I still have mine on the table....even though I used Christmas fabric...I just love it and don't want to take it off!! I have just finished piecing another top to make into a table cloth so when it's all quilted I will take my wonky off, wash it and put it away until next year. Thanks again for doing this QAL. Hugs

  15. Well done Melissa. Your stars look fabulous.

  16. Melissa!!!!! Your blocks look incredible!!! I think I still have blocks 5 and 6 to do...I think...lol!! At least I'll have a Christmas quilt ready for next year =D

  17. Love it! My eye is on the top row, first 3 blocks on the left. If you could make the 1st or 2nd one one of the blocks with white in the center, that would help I think.


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