Thursday, January 12, 2012

TNT with Barbara Corry

So I have a bit of a change up for everyone today.  This edition of TNT Thrusday is being brought to you by my wonderful Mother-In-Law, Barbara Corry.  She loves the Twister tool as much as I do and bought the large one the same day I bought the little one.  This last week she finished 2 large Twister Quilts.  And these 2 quilts are rather special as they will be given away at her last school board convention this weekend.  Barbara has been serving on the School Board for 20 years.  What an amazing legacy, I can't imagine the amount of lives she has touched through her service.

The first quilt is this beautiful Fall inspired twister.  I love the colors!!  They are just so soothing!!  and I love how she alternated lights and dark prints to really make each whirly-gig pop.  

And the back.  Don't you just love the piecing.  I love that blue!!!

And second quilt is this light to dark twister.  I just love the way she laid this one out.  The overall look is just so cool!!! (Sorry, the picture isn't the best, it snowed and so I couldn't take it outside :)

And here is where the TNT comes in.  Barbara quilted each twist in this quilt with a different free motion design!!!!  Ya, that is a lot of different designs.  She so tried a whole ton of things new!!!

Aren't they just so much fun!!!!  She did an amazing job in the quilting!!!

Thanks Mom for sharing your amazing quilts with us. So that is what she did new . . . How about you???

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  1. Both quilts are lovely! I love the FMQ!!!

  2. I really like that light to dark quilt! Great use of colors!!!

  3. Twister is one of my favorite patterns and I love the way your mom did all the different FMQing stitches! Thanks for the linky party!

  4. It really looks like a colorwash quilt. LOVE it!

  5. Love you Mother-in-law's Twister Quilt! So cool! Thanks for Hosting!

  6. Your Mom did a beautiful job Melissa!! I LOVE that light to dark one, just beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


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