Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Super Productive Week :)

This week was a super productive week for me.  I had 4 completions.  Yippee Skippee!!!  And I have to say, it was a lot of fun.  I am so happy to have finished up some projects that have been long outstanding.  One I already showed on Friday, Jocelyn's Crib Quilt.   

I also finished up this Hugs and Kisses quilt for my Grandmother.  The pattern is my Hugs and Kisses from the Park Moda Bake Shop Tutorial.  The design was inspired by my grandmother but the original colors didn't match her room very well.  So I made this one in Pom Pom de Paris which not only matches her room but it also matches her style perfectly.  My grandmother is coming down (she lives in Canada) to visit my mother next month so I can give it to her then :)    I am so excited!!!

I also managed to pull out my Stars Quilt-A-Long blocks.  I finished up the #3 blocks and got started on the #4 blocks.  I really want to get this quilt put together in the next little bit.  It is a little sad when you do the Quilt-A-Long and you don't finish the quilt with the group :)

And this is for a new project that I am totally excited about.  My 6 year old daughter asked me if I would teach her to quilt.  She wants to make a quilt for her 2 year old sister.  So we whipped up a little design and made some time this week to pick out fabric.  I had her start by picking out her favorite print (the butterfly one) and then we picked out other fabrics to match.  She pretty much made all of the fabric choices with just a little help from me.  I think she did a great job!!  This week we are going to start cutting.  Here is hoping nobody ends up needing stitches :)

So . . . . That's what I have been up to.  On to the line-up :)

Designing Stage
  • Twister Toddler Twin Quilt
  • Solids Quilt for Free Motion
  • King Size Serenity Quilt
  • Circle Meets Square Quilt
  • 4th of July Table Runner for Sister-In-Law 
  • Secret Project MB
  • Secret Project QQ
  • Moda Bake Shop On the Go
  • Moda Bake Shop Take it All
Piecing Stage
  • Stars Quilt-A-Long
  • Jessi and Me Quilt 
  • Going Places Quilt
  • Lone Star for Grandma's 80th Birthday
Quilting Stage

Completed Stage
  • Secret Project for Simply Charmed Blog Hop
  • Hugs and Kisses Quilt for Grandma
  • Customer Quilt - Hexie Fun Version 3.0
  • Jocelyn's Crib Quilt
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  1. That quilt is gorgeous!! She will love it! Yea for a super productive week!!

  2. Ooooh, I'm jealous of your super-productive week. : ) The Hugs and Kisses quilt looks great. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday!

  3. Love the quilt...and the new projects looks great. Can't wait to see it finished!

  4. You are going strong! Love the quilt!

  5. Oh how lovely to have your six-year-old ready to start learning to quilt! Can't wait to see her quilt!!!

  6. Loving your quilt ... the stars are gorgeous ... and so are the fabrics your daughter picked out!! I'm impressed - my first reaction was "oooh!!!" and I assumed someone who'd been quilting for ages had picked them out for a little girl ... I would love a quilt in those patterns for my 3 yo!!! LOL! I think my favourite fabrics would be the butterfly and the hot pink w/ swirly's!!

  7. I love the quilt and have gone to Moda to find out how to make it. Also I so wanted to thank you for all the tutorials you do - they are AWESOME!!!

  8. What a great week you had! Love the colours your daughter has picked to make her first quilt, looking forward to seeing the results :o)


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