Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Operation Wood Hollow

Today I received an email from Julie at Having Fun Quilting.   She and her community have been greatly affected by the terrible wildfire burning across Sanpete County.   The fire has burned over 39,000 acres and 29 homes have been lost so far, with 575 more homes in it's path.   You can read more about it here

So Julie is starting up Operation Wood Hollow to help those families who have lost their homes.  Her goal is to get at least one quilt to every family who have lost their home.  And she needs your help :)  And we all know, quilters are the most generous loving people in the world!!

If you can donate fabric, extra quilt blocks, finished quilt tops, or completed quilts she would love to have them.  Every little bit helps!!  Please contact Julie for details on how you can help.  She will be so happy to hear from you!!  You can read more about Operation Wood Hollow here :)

I am actually heading north this weekend so will be delivering my game  time picnic quilt to Julie.    I imagine it will bring some happiness to a family who have lost so much.     (If I have time, I might try and whip up another little something to help :)

Each of these families have sustained such a loss and will have to replace so very much of their lives. A beautiful handmade quilt can bring so much comfort to them as they being the process of rebuilding.
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  1. It's really sad for sure. There are hundreds of families dealing with wildfires in Colorado also. Will visit Julie's blog and see what I can do to help.

  2. Thank you so much for writing on your blog about Operation Wood Hollow! I am so grateful for all the amazing quilters who are reaching into their stash of quilts or fabric or wallets to help! :)


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