Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Measure Twice . . . Cut Once

Remember this little saying.  I am sure you all have heard it before.  Whenever I am teaching someone new to quilting I am sure to repeat it at least 10 times.  We'll this is why.

Notice how the pictures don't quite line up at the arrows.  Ya someone got in a little bit of a hurry this morning and cut before measuring twice.  And since I need a 18" square for the quilt this belongs to I had to piece my original mistake back together in order to have enough fabric.  And if that isn't bad enough, I was working in 5's so I had to repair 5 fat quarters :(

So now you will all know to look for this little blooper in my next quilt :) Ah well . . . I am telling myself it gives it character :)   So what's your horror cutting story??  I know you all have one :)
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  1. Unintentionally cutting through the center of a few blocks...luckily enough the fabric was still on the market, so I was able to get a bit more to recreate...but it's just infuriating when that happens!

  2. Been there, done that :(
    Had to buy more fabric, use different fabric, make project smaller ...

  3. This happens to me a lot even when measuring, somehow a fold is always in the fabric which cause the bottom edge to bow when I cut it! I have tried many methods to get it straight but it rarely works...essentially I need a bigger ruler and cutting mat! =D

  4. I don't have fabric cutting ones, other than accidentally trimming part of a paper pieced block after I'd ironed the piece in place, but I do have a few finger/blade incidents o.O

  5. I wouldnt have noticed if you hadn't told us. I love when I see fabric pieced to make a piece for a pattern. It is a nod to our thrifty ancestors. Of course its usually to make up a deficit...

    1. I am currently making a Scrap Jar Stars quilt and I was so excited when I finished piecing all the blocks! I ran to my cutting table and starting trimming my blocks and then I was horrified to see that I had just cut off all of my points. Sigh. I will have stubby pointed stars. SO sad.

  6. So frustrating when this happens. I cut three long lengthwise borders 6 1/2". For whatever reason I forgot the measurement when I did the last one and cut it 6". Oops.

  7. I have snipped the binding itself when I meant to snip the thread. That was fun. My biggest oops though was when I was making a free interent pattern baby quilt. I didn't check the blogger's math. I ordered the required fabric only to end up 1.5" short when I got ready to cut. (The blogger later corrected her pattern.) Being a new quilter my stash was limited (say 3" tall!) but I was able to make something work. I always check the math now and order up if I have a question.


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