Thursday, September 6, 2012

TNT Thursday - To Market!

I am totally Trying Something New!!!!  Technically I am not trying it for a few more weeks, but the fact that I am trying it is now official!!!  I am going to International Quilt Market!! I got my name badge in the mail yesterday!!  Yippee Skippee!!!!  My hotel and flight are booked and I am counting down the days!!!!   I am so excited, (and a little nervous, if I am being honest :)  So . . . any Market advice for this first timer???

P.S. I just noticed (after my sister pointed it out) that they missed a D in my city name.  I actually live in Cedar City, UT :)

What have you been trying new this week???  Link on up :)

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  1. I have went for the last two are going to love, love, love it. But you are going to be so overwhelmed by the colors, and inspired to make so many things your head will start spinning. We are going to market and the show this year...a whole week...I can't wait. Have fun!

  2. Ohhh . . . I'm jealous. I would love to go and I'm trying to get up my nerve for next spring. Are you going as an attendee? I thought that's what I would do the first time and then if I can get several patterns under my belt go as an exhibitor. But to be honest it's a scary thought. Will be anxious to hear how it goes and what you think.

  3. That is so cool. I'll be waiting for all your reports and photos. I've always wanted to go, but I'll settle for living vicariously.

  4. Wow. That sounds like fun. I think I would feel overwhelmed though. So many cool things to see at once. We have a quilt show here this weekend in Madison, WI. I hope to be able to go, but I might not have the time. I have to focus on getting stuff ready to sell at our county fair next week. Of course I would love to pick up some new things, One can never have to much fabric ;) Have a great time and post some pics for all us jealous followers out there.

  5. Gosh that sounds like fun! Will you be selling or just shopping when you get there?
    Oh dear with the name tag at least your actual name was spelled correctly =D

  6. I am so envious of you going to Quilt Market - have loads of fun (won't be hard will it!!).

  7. That is so exciting. I hope you will take lots of photos so we can feel like we went along with you.

  8. Congrats and I'm jealous. I would so love to go to market. One day hopefully.


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