Saturday, March 2, 2013

Finish Up those Starburst :)

Can I just say, you guys blow me away!!!  There are over 50 Starburst Quilt Tops done!!  Yippee Skippee!!  I just keep looking over them all!!  They are all so beautiful!!

So this is your last call reminder!!  There are 2 days left, well the rest of today and tomorrow :)  The Grand Prize Winners and Parade will be on Monday Morning!!  So whatever stage you are at, try and get some weekend sewing time to finish on up :)  

For the Grand Prize Entry you need to finish piecing your quilt top together and then link a picture of it at the bottom of this post.  

To be in the Parade you need to quilt and bind your quilt top and then email me a picture with your deets (name, location, and flickr of blog link) to   It is sure to be a grand parade as I have already received lots of stunning pictures!!

And last but not least, I have to admit some news that I am feeling pretty guilty about but it can't be helped so I am just going to admit it and move on.  My quilt will not be ready for the parade, and I am super bummed about it.  I am sorry.  Here's the story . . . 

Remember how I planned to go rent time on a long arm this Monday.  Well I scheduled that time without really thinking ahead.  Ya, that whole being gone for 9 days to Hawaii and returning Sunday night . . . Not the best combo for leaving the very next morning.  I was so tired from the time change, sore from the flight, and most importantly, there was no way my baby and 3 year old would have been okay with Mommy leaving all day.  I underestimated the missing mommy factor.  They were clung to me all day Monday.  (Which I have to admit, was pretty nice.  I always love it when they want to snuggle :)  So ya, the Long Arm trip got cancelled.  Then I thought about doing it on my home machine, but I  had 2 secret projects (that took longer than expected, they always do)  that had to be finished and mailed by today.  Long story short, my quilt top and back are still folded in the corner of my sewing room. Le sigh!!   But I promise, I will get them done.  I am actually teaching a class on this quilt in June so I have that deadline to keep me honest :)

With that . . . I leave you with a Happy Sewing Starburst cheer!!  I am off to work on the parade ;)  So excited!!!  

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  1. No worries, Melissa. The most important thing in life is our families and they come first. We appreciate you hosting this! It was so much fun!! Mine won't be back from the longarmer for another couple of weeks, but I will definitely be watching the parade with lots of "ohs" , "ahh's" and clapping! :)

  2. Oh I did wonder how you'd got on at the long armer! Never mind it just shows that we're all human and sometimes things don't get done. Better to do it when you have the energy rather than rush to get it finished. Still looking forward to seeing it though!

  3. Yeah, that old planning ahead thing gets me every time, I never factor in recovery time for things!

  4. Oooooh! Mine is at the longarmers! I hope I can get it back today for the parade!

  5. I just got my top done in time, even with my bum finger!! I'm so excited. I'd hoped mine would be done for the parade too but stuff happens. I'm excited to see how yours turns out. Did you decide on an all over design or custom?


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