Monday, November 18, 2013

Visiting the Superior Threads Wharehouse

This weekend Barbara and I cruised on down the I-15 to St. George to visit the Superior Threads Warehouse.  They were having a Thanksgiving Sale and it doesn't take much more than that to count me in.  I was delighted to find, that upstairs from the warehouse is a fabric shop.

Oh my, I just love it when stores put bolts in color order.  They just look so pretty.  Pinks and purples.

So many blues . . .

And oh, the blacks and whites!!!

Then I found the shelves of Riley Blake and Moda.  This is where the fabric petting really began.  And after drolling for some time, we finally headed downstairs to check out the thread, you know, since that was the reason for the trip :)

Now wharehouse pictures aren't all that fun for looks, but Oh how I wish I could show how many aisles stacked with thread were there.  Rows and rows and rows!!!

Superior Threads has so many choices of thread and the folks there were so helpful.  It can be a little overwhelming for newbies like us and so their assistance was so great!  We have been having problems with some shredding of a certain thread and after chatting for about 2 minutes came to find out that we were using the wrong size needle for it.  Learn something new every day :)

In the end, we left with a ton of spools, all in wonderful creamy neutral colors.  (That is really what we needed).  But the spools are down at Barbara's and I forgot to take a picture.  Sorry :)

All in all, it was a super fun little trip!!!  And smoothies for the trip home was the perfect finish :)

I am hoping to finish up a quilt back so I can get down on the long arm today and use some of those new creamy neutrals :)  Do you have any quilting plans for today??

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  1. Looks like a lovely trip! I wish we had a place like that near me - who doesn't love thread! I look forward to seeing the quilting you do using your new thread :)

  2. Hi, I live in Salt Lake and love a reason driving to St George, where is this warehouse? Thanks, Beryl

  3. Wow, what a fun road trip! The quilt store looks awesome. Maybe someday.....

  4. Melissa, Thank you for visiting us this past weekend!

  5. I love visiting that place! Looks like you had lots of fun!

  6. Looks like a fun trip!!! that fabric store looks amazing: what's its name? Have a great week and have fun sewing!!! Hugs, H in Healdsburg

  7. Sounds like a fun trip! It would defiantly be hard to control ones' self around all that fabric and thread. I finished up my youngest quilted stocking today! So happy that it is done!

  8. Had to laugh when you said about petting the fabric. Why do we all do that? Funny!!

  9. Oh so jealous here. I would love to visit it myself some day.

  10. Wow so amazing! I cant even imagine, all of that thread. Like a kid in a candy store!

  11. I bet that was a fun trip!


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