Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Special Thank You

First off, I wanted to say Thank You So Much for all of the lovely comments that were left on my Steps To Tranquility Quilt and Tutorial.  They just gave me perma-grin all weekend long.

I designed and made Steps To Tranquility specifically for my Mother as a special Thank You for all the help she has given me this year.  And what better time to give a gift of thanks than Thanksgiving ;)  She loves lots of overhang on her quilt tops, so here is the king sized Steps To Tranquility on her queen sized guest bed.  I wish the lighting in the basement was better so I could show just how peaceful this quilt makes the whole room feel.  And yes, my Mom really, really liked it :)

And a funny note.  While I was attempting over and over to get a decent picture of the quilt on my Mom's bed, this little one wanted to be with me, but kept getting in the shot.  So after a few times of me telling her to scoot out of the way, she found a special little place in the closet just her size ;)

And one last note on Steps To Tranquility.  Today is the final day to enter the giveaway for the Legacy Fat Quarters.  So if you haven't done so yet, pop on over to Art Gallery and leave a comment for your chance to win :)  

I am off to fold some laundry from the weekend.  I love traveling for holiday's but oh the laundry when you get back ;)   Have a Happy Quilting Day!!!
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  1. Such a lovely quilt and a treasured gift!

  2. What lovely peaceful fabrics in this quilt. Love the little hiding spot.

  3. You deserve each and every one of those sweet comments! The quilt looks wonderful and I just love little mini Melissa hiding there!

  4. Glad it went down so well, and love the photo assistant ;o)

  5. Golly, it's really lovely!! I wasn't sure about the collection together but you've made it sing!! (Haven't had a chance to touch the fabrics yet) :-)


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