Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mother's Day Giveaway Celebration!!!

It's May 1, which means Mother's Day is right around the corner.  A few weeks ago my Husband asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day.  I instantly started rattling off all kinds of wonderful goodies to put in my sewing room.  He asked if I wanted anything not related to quilting, and I thought about it for a second and then responded, No, not really ;)

That got me thinking, I am sure there are lots of you just like me who have a list of quilty goodies that they would love for Mother's Day and how fun would it be to make some of those lists a reality. I chatted it up with my amazing Sponsor Shops (see shops below)  and here it is, the Mother's Day Giveaway Celebration!!!

So here is how it will work :)

 Pop around to one, two, or a few of these shops and find some of your favorite things that you would love for Mother's Day.  Then, come back to this post and leave me a comment of what you found and where you found it.  You can write it out or just leave a link.

You will have until Sunday night to get your "wish list" commented to me.  Starting Monday the 5th, I will be hosting giveaways each day until Saturday the 10th that will feature the favorite items from your wish lists.  That's right, you get to pick the giveaways!!!! 

So what's on my Wish List???   Well . . . 

I had to start with some books.   Somehow I missed grabbing a copy of Growing Up Modern by Allison Harris and I found it over at Rustic Rooster Quilt Shop.  That is for sure on the list.

And Great Granny Squared by Lori Holt is another book I have wanted to add to my library of quilt books.  I found it over at Fat Quarter Shop

And then it was time to move onto some tools.  You know, the right tools for the job makes all the difference.  First off, I have heard so much about the Splash Rotary Cutter and you can never have too many Rotary Cutters.  I found this one over at Southern Fabric

And not that I do my binding, but I would love to get some of these Clover Wonder Clips I found at  Fort Worth Fabric Studio for Barbara, then I wouldn't feel so bad when I ask her to bind all of my quilts ;)

And I have mentioned before my love of Bloc Loc Rulers and Julie over at The Intrepid Thread carries them in her shop now.   I would love to finish off my collection of Flying Geese rulers ;)

And another ruler I need is for the long arm.  Judi has raved about the A-1 Longarm Straight Ruler over at Green Fairy Quilts.  I think this could really help with my straight line issues on the long arm ;)

And of course, I had to add some fabric to my wish list.   I mean how could I have a wish list that didn't include fabric.  The Christmas lines are coming out and I love the new Solstice by Kate Spain.  The Layer Cake at Cotton Bliss is totally on my list.

And I found this Mystery Bundle at Missouri Star Quilt Co.   I have never ordered a Mystery Bundle before but think it would be so fun to be surprised by the fabrics that arrive.

And I always love a good custom Bundle.  I found this lovely Lime and Aqua bundle at The Scarlet Thread Quilt Co. and had to have it round out my list.

Of course, I could go on and on, but I have to draw the line somewhere ;)   

So now it's your turn to make a Mother's Day Wish List!!!  
Have Fun,  Enjoy, and who knows,  you just might
 win what's on your list!!!!

I am so excited for this Celebration of Mother's in our little quilting world.  I hope you will join me in this celebration and have fun making a list :)  **Just a little extra umph, If you make a list, you will have a little bonus in the giveaways next week :)   I can't wait to see what is on them!!

Have a Happy Quilting / Wish List Making Day :)
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  1. I'd love some of Joel Dewberry's True Colors from Intrepid Thread, Ansonia by Denyse Schmidt from the Fat Quarter Shop and some wonder clips from Southern Fabric!

  2. I love the tutorials at MSQC! Thanks for the great opportunity for the cool giveaway! Have never heard of the Intrepid Thread--am headed over there to check it out! Thanks, much!

  3. What a fun idea!!! I totally am in need of some more clover clips (LOVE them) and I have been eyeing the Great Granny squared book too! I'd also love some waterfront fabric from the Scarlet Thread Co. I'd also love some Aurifil thread from the Rustic Rooster, a Lucky Penny or Sunprint bundle from Intrepid Thread. Phewsh...I sound greedy. ;) Thanks for the chance to win!!

  4. I'd love another one of those. They're fabulous (and I love mystery/scrap bundles) Actually, there are a lot of the Mini Series prints I want, but the cat one is number one on my wish list I want a couple of prints from the Cat Nap set (I love the mice with bikes, too!) Too adorable!

    I also love Southern Fabric's scrap bundles by line. Neat way to get just a bit of a particular line that you like but don't want huge pieces of (but don't want a charm pack with all the same sizes).

  5. Just a few things?? I'm off!!!
    I was a good girl...only one item from each sponsor shop!!! This was to dream! Thank you!!!

  6. My wishlist... obviously it is just fabric :) because I like tools but I love fabric ;) in bundles!
    This are my favorites
    Ok, I have to stop now because otherwise I will be too tempted and I may end up buying some fabric and right now I am on a fabric diet! thanks for the fun giveaway!!

  7. Great fun to make a wish list:
    Intrepid Thread----Daydreams by Kate Spain, FQ bundle in Jade
    Rustic Rooster----Quilt Happy Notions Bag
    Cotton Bliss----Chance of Flowers Charm Pack
    Missouri Star Quilt Co.----Stonehenge Charm Pack-Toast

    Thank you for the chance

  8. Here's a few things:
    Fat Quarter Shop - Great Granny Squared by Lori Holt (book)
    Green Fairy Quilts - Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Scissors
    Fort Worth Fabric Studio - Wonder Clips
    Fort Worth Fabric Studio - EZ Flower Head Pins
    Southern Fabric - April Showers jelly roll
    Intrepid Thread - Nouvelle by Pat Bravo - FQ bundle

  9. fabric , fabric , and more fabric

  10. My wish list includes a fat quarter bundle of Color Me Happy and Mormor! And the aqua rotary cutter!

  11. I borrowed someone's blocLoc at a retreat for HSTs. I would definitely get one of those from Intrepid Thread. (Might have to if I don't win.) I'd get a quilt happy color dipped mug in purple from Rustic Rooster and a dottie layer cake from Green Fairy Quilts. True heaven would be an Aurifil cone from Cotton Bliss.

  12. I would love some of the new fabric that I haven't had a chance to pick up yet, like Snowbird.
    (i have a small stash right now)

  13. Well letting loose in a quilt shop Aurifil Thread from The Fat Quarter Shop,rulers from the Missouri Quilt shop and while I was there I bought a digital copy of their Block Magazine. Some April Shower fabric from Cotton Bliss or Southern Fabrics to name a few.

  14. Intrepid Thread-Essentials Fat Quarter Bundle Complete Collection
    Rustic Rooster-Karen Kay Buckley 4 scissors
    Southern Fabric- Kona Cotton - Coal - Roll Up by Robert Kaufman
    Fat Quarter Shop-Lori Holt's Designer Select Fat Quarter Bundle
    Vintage Happy Collection
    Forth Worth Fabric Studio -Friday Bundle Batch Exclusive GENUINE COWGIRL 04-25-2014
    Green Fairy -A1 Ruler 9" Longarm Straight Ruler
    Cotton Bliss-Mirabelle Layer Cake
    The Scarlet Thread Quilt Co.- Sugar Hill by Tanya Whelan Collection
    Missouri Star-45mm Roll The Gold Titanium Rotary Blade (2 pack)

    That was fun and now I have a wish list for DH.

  15. This is my latest wish because I want to make a bag that I saw on a Missouri Star tutorial. I can't find a 10" template in the stores around here.

    Thanks for the chance and Happy Mother's Day to you!


  17. What a fun idea! I figured links would be the easiest way to do this! I'm really craving fabrics right now apparently!

  18. Wow great sponsors!! I have come across this delightfully colourful and yummy fabric on the Etsy shop called The Scarlet Thread Quilt Co (new to me - thank you for the introduction!!) :


  19. Here's my wish list. Intrepid Thread has the lovely Widescreen Backing from Carolyn Friedlander. I saw some notions I'd like to try from the Rustic Rooster, Best Press Starch and the Seam fix Seam Ripper. Southern Fabrics has the lovely April Showers jelly roll. The Fat Quarter shop has a great selection of Jo Morton fabrics. I'd love to have the Surf and Turf fat quarter bundle from Fort Worth Fabric Studio. Green Fairy Quilts has the Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Scissors that I would like to try. Cotton Bliss could help me piece everything together with the Simplify Aurifil Thread kit. I could add to my stash of Amy Butler fabrics from the choices at the Scarlet Thread Co. And Missouri Star Quilt Co. has the Sidekick Ruler that I've had my eye on.

  20. I would be happy with Baci Grey's 25th and Pine from FQS. Also have my eye on Lori Holts Granny Square book.


  22. My list is short but expensive. I Mac computer. We use Linux and it is compatible with just about nothing. I really want the Mac so that I can use the silhouette software. Happy early Mother's Day.

  23. Oh how fun....
    From the Intrepid Thread: Picture Pie Half Yard Bundle Complete Collection
    The Rustic Rooster: Several Packs of those beautiful summery colors of RicRacs
    Fat Quarter Shop: Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Vol 9 Magazine, McCalls Quick Quilts Magazine, The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt Book
    The Scarlet Thread: Henry Glass Sky Blue 108" wide backing

  24. Oh wow! My favorite shops!!! I started at Missouri Quilt and found Aneela Hoey's Hello Petal Layer Cake. Then to Rustic Rooster Quilt Shop where I also found Allison Harris' book , Growing up Modern. Love the cover quilt! So this is sounding repetitious but at the Scarlet thread I found a fat quarter bundle of Posy by Aneela Hoey!!! Fabulous!!! Tools tools tools... The Fat Quarter Shop has the Flying Geese Ruler by Bloc Loc, already mentioned I know, (Bloc_Loc 3" x 6" Flying Geese Square Up Ruler) Love Flying Geese. And at the Intrepid Thread, brand new and ready to thrill my soul, Dreamin' Vintage Fat Quarter Bundle in Tickled Pink by Jeni Baker.
    So there it is. Any one of these items would be fabulous. No really!

  25. There are a few things that I am eyeing --- A Catnap fabric bundle, Aurifil thread, Kona Layer cake, Metallic Pearl Bracelets

  26. I would love a new set of Square rulers - have 6.5" up to 16.5" and they are all getting pretty worn

  27. So many pretties to choose from. I am leaving you links.

  28. OH, I could make such a long long list! Just for starters, I love granny square quilts and would love the Great Granny Square book from Fat Quarter Shop. I'm also quickly sewing through my stash of solids -- loving the bella solids rainbow fat quarter bundle at green fairy. (and took a peek at the Avant Garden linen fat quarter bundle while I was on the green fairy site, so cute!).

  29. Ta dot fat quarter bundles at Fort Worth

    Lottie da at rustic rooster

    Abalone cove voile at intrepid thread

    Amy butler precuts at southern fabric

    Great Granny Squared quilt kit at fad

    Superior Threads at green fairy quilts

    Mochi linen dots at cotton bliss at Scarlet Thread

    Rotary cutter and blades from Missouri star

  30. What a great idea! Here's my list
    Intrepid Thread - Mint To Be 1/2 yard bundle in Mint
    Rustic Rooster - Stella Light
    Southern Fabric - April Showers Half Yard Bundle
    Fat Quarter Shop - Bloc_Loc Half Square Triangle Ruler Set
    Forth Worth Fabric Studio - Friday Bundle Batch 1/2 Yard
    Cotton Bliss - Solstice Layer Cake
    Scarlet Thread - $30.00 Gift Card to order a custom bundle
    Missouri Star Quilt - Winter Wonderland Layer Cake
    Green Fairy - Superior Thread


  31. Thank you for asking for us...... I will email this list to my family and see what happens.. NOT>. I have to shop for myself, and I do.. but my sweet husband would let me by anything on this list but most of all I want a huge cutting Matt........
    I'd love some of Joel Dewberry's True Colors from Intrepid Thread
    Simplify Aurifil Thread Kit Large Cotton bliss
    Maritime Moby Main in Aqua Scarlet thread
    Clover Mini Iron for Clover Missouri star company
    earty Good Wishes​ southern fabrics​

    Dark Fassett Collective Design Roll
    Kaffe Fassett for Westminster Fibers​ Fat Quarter Shop​

  32. As much as I would love to tell you all the things that I would love on Mother's Day that were related to quilting/sewing, all I really want is to have my family together. My son and his wife are expecting twins in October and I am overjoyed (as is the whole family) so that's what I am concentrating on.

  33. What a fun giveaway! Just too many things to choose! As I looked at the shops, I started blurring that line between what I "would love" and what I need. So all I'm gonna list are the two Bloc Loc Flying Geese rulers I keep forgetting to buy. The 4 x 8 or the 3 x 6. I know The Fat Quarter Shop has them - they have everything! Thanks so much!

  34. Wow, that was fun and hard at the same time!
    Intrepid Thread - Densye Schmidts Ansonia Complete FQ bundle
    Rustic Rooster - Plum Sweet jelly roll
    Southern Fabric - Vintage Happy FQ bundle
    Far Quarter Shop - Karen Kay Buckley 7 1/2" Perfect Scissor or Vintage Happy FQ bundle
    Fort Worth Fabric Studio - Low Volume FQ bundle
    Green Fairy Quilts - Homestead Gatherings dessert roll
    The Scarlet Thread Quilt Co. - April Showers layer cake
    Cotton Bliss - 30's Playtime jelly roll
    MSQC - Creative Grids 60 Degree Triangle Ruler


  35. Precuts at Missouri Star, Mod love quilt kit @ fat quarter shop, Bee my Honey layer cake at Green Fairy Quilts, Soul Blossoms at Southern Fabric, and I could go on and on. Thanks for the great giveaway

  36. I'd love some of those Just Pins from Rustic Rooster and several of the shops have those wide backing fabrics that I would like to have.

  37. This giveaway has me tickled! Several of your wish list items I am buying this weekend, like mids lol.
    1. Intrepid Thread-Lucky Penny FQ bundle in Noon
    2. FT Worth Fabric- Sewing machine cover kit.
    3. Red Rooster - Karen Kay Buckley 6 scissors
    4. Southern Fabric - Wonder clip..never have enough
    5. Fat Quarter Shop - Honeycomb in Laundry Basket
    6. Green Fairy Quilts - Giggles Quilt Kit.
    7. Cotton Bliss - Chance of Flowers Layer Cake
    8. The Scarlet Thread - Moda in Marmalade Grey
    9. MSQC - Wackey Web Starter Kit...I didn't know they had the stater kit..will go with a pattern in their 1st book HOORAY


    I would love more, but having trouble pasting right now. all of these shpos are wonderful!! rulers for machine quilting would be great too.
    thank you for this chance.

  39. Wow....what a wonderful's my list :)
    Green Fairy Quilts - Through the Winter Woods layer cake
    Fat Quarter Shop - Snowbird layer cake
    The Intrepid Thread - Essentials FQB
    Rustic Rooster - Adnornit Capri Sunshine Blossoms and Chevron Gray & Yellow yardage
    Southern Fabric - Mr. Mustard Pattern and Ring Toss pattern
    Fort Worth - Sketch Ranibow FQB
    Missouri Star - Woodland Summer Batik jelly roll and Modern Folkoric collection
    The Scarlet Thread - Riley Blake Willow Foral
    Cotton Bliss - La Fete De Noel layer cake

  40. Lori Holts Great Granny Squared Book is the top of my list, fabric from Fat Quarter SHop by Moda for sure, I just got an order in from Green Fairy and Cotton Bliss, Southern Fabric WEEDS, anything is fine with me. I do have all the rotarys I want though-lol. And maybe a certificate for A machine quilter-lol
    aka is going to B&B Friday!

  41. Fort Worth Fabric Studio - Low Volume FQ bundle
    Cotton Bliss - 30's Playtime jelly roll
    FQS -

  42. Cotton Bliss-April Showers Layer Cake
    Intrepid Thread - Densye Schmidts Ansonia Complete FQ bundle and Bloc-Loc Flying Geese Rulers
    MSQC-Honeysweet Fat Quarter Bundle
    Southern Fabric-,April Showers - Fat Quarter by Bonnie & Camille and a Splash Rotary Cutter
    Ft Worth Fabric- wonder clips and Low Volume FQ bundle
    Green Fairy Quilts-Moda Fat Quarter Bundle - Solstice by Kate Spain
    Rustic Rooster-Simply Retro Camille Roskelley and Simplify Camille Roskelley
    The Scarlet Thread-Round and Round by Camille Roskelly of Thimbleblossoms Quilt Kit and 2 Scrumptious by Bonnie and Camille for Moda Charm Pack
    Fat Quarter Shop-Simple Whatnots Miniature Quilts Club by Kim Diehl and Henry Glass Fabrics-My favorite item on my wish list!

    Thanks for letting me dream. It was fun to pick out items.

  43. Here is my list

  44. What a neat idea! My list would include:
    Southern Fabrics- clover clips
    Missouri Quilt Company - Corsica Layer Cake
    Cotton Bliss - Solstice Jelly Roll
    Fat Quarter Shop - Malam Batiks Twice the Charm by Jinny Beyer
    Fort Worth Fabric- NouvElle Fat Quarter bundle
    Green Fairy Quilts - Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Scissors - 6"
    Intrepid Threads - 112.5" Bloc-Loc Half Square Triangle Ruler

  45. Wow, fantastic giveaway.
    Intrepid Thread--Vintage Spring Custom Blogger Fat Quarter Bundle by Adrianne Ove of Little Bluebell
    Rustic Rooster--Chance of Flowers 17760LC
    Southern Fabric--Vintage Happy - Fat Quarter Bundle by Riley Blake
    Fat Quarter Shop--Aurifil Light Beige 100% Cotton Mako CONE Thread Aurifil #MK50CO-2310
    Ft Worth Fabric Studio--6.5 Inch Rag Quilting Snips
    Green Fairy Quilts--Moda Fat Quarter Bundle - 30's Playtime II by Chloe's Closet

  46. I picked 3 things,

  47. What fun! because who wouldn't want to make this cute irish chain?! I adore this line...there are great fussy cutting opportunities, and fabulous basics, and the best quilt backing opportunities ever.

  48. What a great giveaway!
    Intrepid Threads - Stitch Circle 1/2 yard Bundle
    Rustic Rooster - Elizabeth Patchwork Quilt Pen - so cute!
    Southern Fabric - Lark Scrap Bag or Soul Blossom Layer Cake
    Fat Quarter Shop - Black Bella Solids Jelly Roll
    Forth Worth - No Math Quilt Chart & Formulas and One Block Wonder Book
    Green Fairy Quilts - Superior Thread - Black and Snow
    Cotton Bliss - Daydream Layer Cake
    Scarlet Threads - Fancy 1/4 yard collection
    Missouri Star - Machinger Quilting Gloves and Invisigrip
    So many goodies out there!

  49. Mystery bundles sound cool. Lock block sounds fun, though a little frivolous for a dabbler like me (though I would take it if it were free!). My wants: batiks like a jellyroll of this From the Intrepid thread I would like some Mint to be in both the orange and mint colorways And some Thesaurus because words are awesome. And apparently some black and pink like this but I’m getting out of hand. I like lots of the ITs half yard bundles. You can do so much with ½ yard bundles, ya know? From the Green Fairy I would like some Bartholomeows reef in a Jelly roll. Never worked with them but I think I should. A disco quilt kit from the FQS. Oh, and some Gather Round kits from them too. Cute and fast, that’s what I need. And just because it’s the last one I would get the Primary Space Quilt kit from Fort Worth. I could go on and on but I think you get it. Mostly I just want the fabric, but if there is a kit involved so I don’t have to go hunting for a pattern it’s even better. The tools are that’s important when I have so many tools for so many other hobbies already cluttering my spaces. But oh wait! I looked again and I think I need THREAD! Like this bundle it looks like a good beginner’s thread bundle, right?

  50. I would love the Granny Square Quilt book by Lori Holt, the 8.5" Half square triangle BlocLoc Ruler from Intrepid Threads, Bloomin Fresh Jelly Roll from Red Rooster fabrics, Fleurology jelly roll from Missouri Star Quilt Company and 3 yards of Scandi leaves forest yardage from the Norwegian Woods Too collection, also from Missouri Star Quilt Company.

  51. I love the Hedgehog Haven and Color Me Happy in Blue and Green from Intrepid thread.
    Oink-a-Doodle-Moo collection from Missouri Star Quilt Co.
    Love making baby quilts so any fun fabric or pattern would be a nice addition. Thank you for this giveaway.

  52. Gosh what a lovely idea to make a list for Mother's let's see....I would like
    An Ansonia Fat Quarter bundle in Mossy from Intrepid Threads
    a lovely Yellow Fat Quarter bundle from Southern Fabric would be delicious
    The Ladies Album Layer Cake would really help my meagre collection thanks to Cotton Bliss
    Have had my eye on the A1 Straight ruler at Green Fairy Quilts too and
    I'm with you on the Great Granny Squared book by Lori Holt at the Fat Quarter Shop;
    An Ellie Ann Jelly Roll and Layer Cake would make an awesome quilt for granddaughter Ella Anne from Missouri Star Quilt Company;
    and doesnt everyone need Michael Millers'Orange/Green Ta Dot Fat quarter bundle from Forth Worth Fabric Studio?
    Thanks for the chance to browse and do some wishful thinking.

  53. I am easy to please. Intrepid Thread has some of the best bundles like Tangier Ikat Fat Quarter Bundle in Cool, then Fat Quarter's Granny Square and Missouri Quilts Kona Solid. Any or all would be wonderful. Then just a phone call from my kids and Grandkids will be just fine with me.

  54. Moda Fat Quarter Bundle - La Fete De Noel by French General at Green Fairy! I'd never even heard of them before, and my wallet will not thank you. :)

  55. What a sweet idea.well, first I love the 2014 Designer mystery Quilt from; a mystery fat eight bundle from Missouri quilt co.:a moda quilt kit "spring sprouts silhouette from green fairy quilts; a half square cut nifty ruler from Kate England's site. Thanks

  56. I could haves a list a mile long, but I'll simply say, any fabric and a ton of rotary blades.

  57. This was fun. Here's my list
    Rustic Rooster KarenKayBucley scissors4
    Missouri Star Quilt the koin keeper and nifty notes patterns from ThisnThat
    Southern Fabric thecWeekender Bag pattern by Amy Butler
    Moda precuts/GreenFairy the Sewing Box layer cake
    Fat Quarter Shop Aurafil Winter Essentials thread pack
    Fort Worth the fat quarter bundle of Surf and Turf

  58. Patchwork Pens at Rustic Rooster - I love the pens, but wouldn't buy for myself. Perfect gift!

  59. I've ha d fun dreaming of what I would like on my list! I would also like to own the rulers from Green Fairy and the Intrepid Thread. The Sew Just pins at Rustic Rooster are adorable and so is the sewing machine cover kit at Fort Worth. I'm still kicking myself at not jumping on the MO Star deal of the day, so I have to put the Wacky Web ruler and papers on my list. I don't need to add to my fabric stash, but some Kaffe's from The Scarlet Thread, and A Quilters Garden in rain from the Fat Quarter Shop, as well as a bundle of Muslin Mates from Southern Fabrics would fit in somewhere! Lastly, who wouldn't love a Simplify set of thread from Cotton Bliss?

  60. This was a fun give-away to prepare for. Thank you for that. :-) Here is my wishlist for Mother's Day. From Fort Worth Fabrics I wish for The Artisan Spirit Shimmer Fat Quarter rolls in Peacock and Sunglow. From Southern Fabrics I wish for Aviary 2 Fat Quarter Bundle in Saffron and the Swoon Pattern by Thimble Blossom. And finally, from Fat Quarter Shop, I wish for the Everyday Color large Aurifil Thread box by Me and My Sister designs and a set of Polk-A-Dots from Jillilly Studios. Thank you and all of the sponsors for this great give-away. Take care and God Bless, Cory

  61. I've had such fun doing some "window shopping"! Here are some favorites: Bloomin Fresh layer cake from Southern Fabric, Bloc-Loc rulers from Intrepid Thread, Mixed Bag - Fat Quarter Bundle from Southern Fabric, Botanics - Stems in Ash from Intrepid Thread, Family Tree FQ bundle from Green Fairy, Low Volume FAT QUARTER BUNDLE from FWFS, Denim & Coral Batiks Fat Quarter Bundle from FQS, Solstice layer cake from Green Fairy, Petal Pinwheels by Michael Miller from Intrepid Thread.
    Thanks for offering this fun giveaway!

  62. My list includes Bonnie Hunters newest book! Low volume fabrics (of course who wouldn't take a gift card fir that! Lol) some yummy swirl threads for my long arm! And a travel sewing basket (for my camper)
    But sadly... my grandmothers clock (I proudly own) stopped two weeks ago and my mothers day gift is my husband getting it fixed!

  63. My Wish List would include:
    Chance of Flowers and Wishes from Rustic Rooster
    London Calling Fabric from Intrepid Thread
    Charm Packs from Cotton Bliss (ie. Sphere, Chance of Flowers, Daydream
    Thanks for the chance!!!

  64. This is a tough one as I want so many things!!! Here are a few things:

    I already have a wish list started at Fat Quarter Shop and all of it is fabrics! :-)
    ~ I am wanting all colorways of Chances of Flowers Bias Plaid (half yardages)
    ~ I am wanting all colorways of Chances of Flowers Cheerios (half yardages)
    ~ I am wanting all colorways of Chances of Flowers Solids (half yardages)
    ~ and much more!

    Southern Fabrics:
    ~ Splash Rotary Cutter: 45mm

    Rustic Rooster:
    ~Aurifil Thread 2024 White
    ~Aurifil Thread 2026 Cream

    By the way, I will always want fabrics. You can never get (or have) enough!!! :-D

  65. My list would include:

    Green Fairy Quilts: Layer cakes of 25th and Pine, April Showers, fat quarter bundle of Colour Me Happy
    Intrepid Thread: Essentials Fat Quarter Bundle Complete Collection
    Fort Worth Fabrics: Wonder Clips, Low Volume Fat quarter bundle
    Scarlet Thread Quilt Co: Sunnyside charm park
    And I probably could go on...

  66. Oh Melissa. What a great way to celebrate! (And a sneaky way to get us all to spend loads of time visiting your sponsors...wink, wink.)

    I have narrowed my list down to one item(s) from each sponsor. :)

  67. Hi Melissa, this is very fun! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to participate, and thank you to all of the generous sponsors! Happy Mother's Day to all! :)

    Here's my list:

    * Because I'm a KT Quilter type of gal! ;)

    * I've never seen this charm pack before, and I know that a special someone (my sweet son who is a budding botanist and nature lover) would like a quilt made from this!

    * (half yard if possible) Okay, this is just so cute! I love the colors that were put together in this very, very adorable bundle! And I'm a Texan who wears her cowgirl boots with her cowboy! ;)

    * & Because I am a HUGE KT Quilters fan, and I have her book and some KT fabric, and really need these rulers to make some awesome quilts and housewares!

    * (4 if possible) I have 4 placemats ready to bind in this exact fabric (I cut the charm packs down to 2.5 in squares), and I really need more fabric to make 4 more since my table seats 8.

    * Because I just love the warm, old-fashioned look of these fabrics!

    * I fell in love with this line a few months ago when Moda had their Designers Blog Hop! Love me some Blackbird Designs!

    * Our beloved son Ethan, who is now with Jesus, adored the color orange, and holds a dear spot in our hearts. :) I can see an "in memory" quilt made with this fabric.

    * What quilter or sewer doesn't need thread? And I adore Camille and her mother Bonnie's fabrics!

    Thanks again!

  68. Thanks for the great giveaway..
    From the Fat quarter shop - my sister and I have been eying the Sweet Moda Quilt Kit
    Cotton Way for Moda Fabrics for her granddaughter
    Some Aurifil thread from Cotton Bliss would be great.
    From Fort Worth Fabric Studio - some Simply Color fabric for the backing on the quilt top I just finished.
    Little Black Dress 2 from Southern Fabric would be nice.
    Freshly Pieced Fat quarter bundle from The Intrepid Thread
    A CreativeGrids Lazy Angle 6 Ruler from MSQ
    Some Riley Blake fabric from The Scarlet Thread Quilt Co.
    Ashby -Riley Blake bundle from Green Fairy

  69. What a nice giveaway. Three sponsors I've shopped from before and 6 new ones to add to my list:) thank you all for the opportunity.
    The Intrepid Thread - the Bloc Loc half square triangle ruler - 6 1/2 inch size
    The Rustic Rooster - Best Press Starch (just got a bunch of Kaffe woven stripes - I'll need tons of this)
    Southern Fabric - Kona Cotton Sand Castle layer cake
    Fat Quarter Shop - Flying High FQ bundle (accidentally placed an order here while I browsed...)
    Green Fairy Quilts - Karen Kay Buckley Perfect 6 scissors
    Fort Worth Fabric Studio - Raspberry Jackpot FA bundle or Low Volume FQ bundle (and of course the Michael Miller full collection of Ta Dot FQ's but mustn't be greedy... Great bundles at this shop! )
    Cotton Bliss - Dottie Jelly Roll
    scarlet Thread Quilt Co.- Martha Negley Fruit & Floral Classics - a yard in Plum and one in Purple:)
    Missouri Star Quilt Co.- Sylvia black and white FQ bundle or a yard of Kaffe's Ombre Purple.
    This was lots of fun! And I picked all things I can use on projects currently in progress! I'll save this list for my family:) Thanks again.

  70. OH!!! This is so much fun Thank you!

  71. Good Lord, it is like you were reading my mind! I would love Solstice and BlocLoc Rulers (rectangle-have you seen Lily's Quilts?) and any fabric bundle from anywhere would be very much appreciated. Books are always on my list and I would like Gwen Marston's new book.

  72. Waterfront Park fabric from the Intrepid Thread, Moda Indigo Crossings Fabric from Rustic Rooster and Afternoon Deligh Fabric from The Fat Quarter Shop, actually just about anything I don't think you can ever have too much fabric, thread or supplies for quilting.

  73. April Showers layer cake from Green Fairy Quilts, Dottie layer cake from Fort Worth Studio, the BlocLoc Rulers, pretty much anything Bonnie and Camille from Fat Quarter Shop (or anywhere else!), and a spinning 12" rotary mat from Missouri Star Quilt Co. What a fun idea!

  74. Rosemary B here:
    Um, I would like moar fabric!
    I have shopped at every one of these shops before, lol.
    I love getting fabric in the mail!

  75. would love the following
    some material
    The intrepid thread
    Ansonia Fat Quarter Bundle in Mushroom

    Fort worth
    would love the book
    Great granny square book

    Missouri star
    some tools
    Spinning 17" Rotary Mat
    45mm Deluxe Ergonomic Rotary Cutter (RTY2 DX)

    and would love to try applique
    And a few yards of
    HeatnBond Lite Iron-On Adhesive

    would be great to win anything as may 12th is my 58th birthday

  76. Okay, I've taken a few minutes to make my list and here we go:

    From Intrepid Thread, the Dreamin' Vintage fat quarter bundle

    From Rustic Rooster, a Chance of Flowers Layer Cake

    From Southern Fabric, Summer Breeze fat quarter bundle:

    From the Fat Quarter Shop, the book I've been wanting for months, Quilty Fun by Lori Holt:

    From Ft. Worth Fabric Studio, I fell in love with this bundle of fat quarters called Letters to Santa:

  77. From Missouri Star Quilt Company I would have to get the Hexi or more ruler.

    From Southern Fabric I would order Kate Spain's Daydreams half yard bundle. I need this for a quilt I'm making. With a little extra.

  78. I'm also in the market for a larger rotary cutter. I currently use the mini one, but would love to have an ergonomic 45mm rotary cutter like this one from Missouri Star Quilt Co:

    And, my stash needs some solids! I have so many print patterns, but very little solid cottons to coordinate, so I'd add a Summer Kona Cotton FQ Bundle like this one from the FQS:

  79. From Fort Worth Fabric Studio, the Low Volume FQ bundle
    From Southern Fabric, the Simplify Aurifil collection
    From Rustic Rooser Quilt Shop the Kare Kay Buckley 7 inch Scissors
    Missouri Star Quilt Co, a Kona white jelly rol
    Fat quarter Shop , some Pepe in Paris fabric.

  80. That was a fun thing to do on a Sat. morning while drinking my coffee! Here is my list:
    From Rustic Rooster, a Patchwork Pen
    From Fort Worth Fabric Studio, a package of Insulbright
    From The Intrepid Thread, the Dreamin' Vintage half yard bundle complete collection
    From Fat Quarter Shop, the Tailor's Click Fabric Pencils in white, blue, and pink
    From Southern Fabric, an April Showers layer cake
    From Discover Fabric, the Andrea Victoria fat quarter bundle
    From Green Fairy Quilts, Judi's book "Quilting Wide Open Spaces"
    From Missouri Star Quilt Co., a Dual Rotary Blade Sharpener
    From Scarlett Thread Quilt Co., a Flowers in the Sunshine quilt kit

    Whew, that's quite a list! Thanks for asking. :-)

  81. I love batiks & found wonderful Hoffman Bali precuts at the Fat Quarter Shop, Fort Worth, and MSQC. Not fussy - any shape or any color - heart them all.

    Also saw a 60 degree ruler I've been wanting at the FQS.

    And of course any Mystery bundle from MSQC would be welcome.


  82. From Rustic Rooster, Vintage polka dots by Adornit
    From Fort Worth Fabric Studio, The exclusive "Low Volume" Fat Quarter Bundle
    From The Intrepid Thread, The book Quilty Fun by Lori Holt
    From Fat Quarter Shop, Botanics Fat Quarter Bundle
    From Southern Fabric, Lark fat quarter bundle by Amy Butler

    From Green Fairy Quilts, Moda Fat Quarter Bundle "Snowbird Batiks"
    From Missouri Star Quilt Co., Oliso Auto lift iron
    From Cotton Bliss Simplify Aurifil Thread kit large
    I sure hope I got all of this straight. That was fun!! Thanks for the chance!!!
    Happy Mother's Day to you also!!!

  83. Wow, so much good stuff to choose from.
    Intrepid Thread has Echino fat quarter bundles and also a bundle of Waterfront Park Domino Dots
    Maybe a gorgeous FQ bundle of Summer Vacation Batiks from Green Fairy Quilts?
    How about a jelly roll/charm pack combo of Fox Field from The Fat Quarter Shop? ::drooling::
    I seem to be all about the fabric...

  84. I would love to have a fat quarter bundle from any of these shops. Thanks for the chance.

  85. I'd love a bundle of the newest AMH fabrics that just came out, especially the coneflower fabric in green.


    Southern fabric, scrumptious layercake by moda

  87. Here is my wish list. I too would love to get the Bloc Loc flying geese rulers from Intrepid Thread. I have read about these and they sound awesome. From Cotton Bliss, I would love to get some yardage of several of the prints in the Wishes line. From Southern Fabric, I would love the Simplify Aurifil Thread collection. From Fort Worth Fabrics, the True Grips that keep your ruler from slipping would be wonderful to have.

  88. How fun. This could have been a very, very long list.

  89. The Intrepid Thread - Mint To Be Half Yard Bundle in Orange.
    Rustic Rooster - Moda Over the Rainbow Batiks charms.
    Southern Fabric - Dream Days Fat Quarter Bundle.
    Fat Quarter Shop - Rainbow Tonga Batiks Fat Quarter Bundle
    Timeless Treasures Fabrics.
    Fort Worth Fabric Studio - Posies BATIKS Half Yard Bundle Robert Kaufman.
    Green Fairy Quilts - Moda Fat Quarter Bundle - Summer Vacation Batiks.
    Cotton Bliss - Solstice Fat Eighth bundle.
    The Scarlet Thread Quilt Co. - Breezy Batiks Charm Pack.
    Missouri Star Quilt Co. - Stonehenge - Jelly Bean Batiks Layer.

    This has been such fun! Happy Mother's Day to all. 24Tangent "@" gmail "dot" com

  90. Here are a few of my favorite things. :)
    Spash Rotary Cutter from Missouri Star Quilt Co
    Lemon Butter Sunshine FQ Bundle from Intrepid Thread
    Simply Fat Quarters Book from Rustic Rooster
    Heirloom Rube Layer Cake from Southern Fabric
    Walnut Wilderness Batik Fabric from Fat Quarter Shop
    Wonder Clips from Fortworth Fabric
    Color Crush Batiks Layer Cake from Green Fairy
    Heat N Bond Lite from Cotton Bliss
    Tiffany Dimple Dot Cuddle Fabric from Scarlet Thread Quilts
    What fun to window shop!!

  91. What an awesome giveaway. Thanks sew much for the chance to win. Here is my wish list.
    Plum Sweet Layer Cake from Rustic Rooster
    Block Loc Flying Geese Ruler from Intrepid Thread
    Olfa 45mm Rotary Blades from Southern Fabric
    Thank you again.

  92. Woohoo! WISH LISTS ARE FUN! Here is mine and where they are from:
    Half Moon Modern - Medium Zig Zag - Royal (32216 32) fabric from Southern Fabrics
    Petal Pinwheels - Petal Pinwheels in Canary Fabric from the Intrepid Thread
    RoundUp Blue One Yard Pack Samantha Walker for Riley Blake Designs Fabric from Fat Quarter Shop
    Moda MINI Charms - Choose Any 40 For Huge Savings from Green Fairy Quilts
    Watermelon Wagon FAT QUARTER BUNDLE FWFS Exclusive from Fort Worth Fabric Studio
    Solstice Jelly Roll fabric from Cotton Bliss
    Clothworks Cuddly Baby from Rustic Rooster Quilt Shop
    Posy by Aneela Hoey for Moda Fat Quarter Collection from Scarlet Thread Quilt Company
    Kona Cotton - Bright Palette Honey Bun by Robert Kaufman Fabrics for Robert Kaufman from Missouri Quilt Company

  93. Since you asked :-)

    Mirabelle fat 8th

    April Showers layer cake

    Chance of flowers Fat Quarter bun

    Chance of Flowers fat quarter bundle

    Mirabelle FQ

  94. What a fun idea! Well, here's a few on my wish list: " A Month of Sundays" Intrepid Thread
    Splash 45mm rotary cutter Southern Fabrics
    "Fresh Family Traditions" Fat Quarter Shop
    Banana Pocket Pack FWF
    Ducks in a Row layer cake Green Fairy

  95. The gypsy wife pattern
    The vintage spring custom blogger bundle

    Really I have a lot more but not enough time to list it all, thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  96. Here's mine: Far, far away from Fat Quarter Shop, cute 1930's prints from Fort Worth, Bella solids from Green Fairy quilts, Simplify Aurifil thread kit from Cotton Bliss or Southern Fabric, Botanics from Missouri Star quilt co, some cotton + steel from the Intrepid thread, April Showers from Rustic Rooster :)

  97. This was fun Melissa and such a good idea !

  98. Wow! what fun! I found a ton of stuff on the different sites. Here is a short list. :)

    Fatquarter Shop -
    Playtime 30's fat quarter bundle -
    Woodland Trees Quilt kit -
    Pacific Bali Crackers -
    Judie's 25th anniversary 8" square pack -
    Rainbow Tonga Treats 10" squares -
    2 - Giraffe Crossing 10" stackers -

    Missouri Star Quilt Company
    I Spy 2014 layer cake -
    Artisan Batiks Color source 4 roll-up -

    Intrepid Thread
    3 yards of widescreen - grey 108" -
    Mint to be 1/2 yard bundle in orange -

    Green Fairy
    Layer cake - Summer Vacation Batiks -
    Layer cake - Color Crush -

    That's all folks! LOL

  99. Hi and thanks for the Giveaway…I could sure use some Riley Blake Basic Solids from Rustic Rooster, Some Moda Solid Gray from The Scarlet Thread and I love April Showers Layer Cake from Cotton Bliss.

  100. Oooh, found a couple of new places to drool at!

    Intrepid Thread: Flyboy and Storybook Yardage!
    Rustic Rooster: Adornit Crazy for Daisy Yardage, Teal. And Aurafil. Always!
    Southern Fabric-Joel Dewberry FQ Bundle in Heirloom Ruby! And Rocket Age FQ Bundle too!
    FWFS-My fave local shop! Twirl FQ Bundle
    Green Fairy-Summer Vacation Batik Jelly roll x2
    Cotton Bliss-Aurafil Aurafil Aurafil!
    Scarlet Threat-The Fancy Quarter Yard Collection
    MS Star-Jaybird Quilts Hex and More and Sidekick Ruler
    FQS-Perfect Union or Sea Glass Kit

  101. What a fun giveaway! I totally enjoyed visiting the websites for your sponsors. It was fun looking for items that I would love to be gifted with. You have some awesome sponsors.Who knows, maybe my sons will find my list and surprise me:) Thank you for a fun shopping experience!

    Intrepid Thread: Simply retro book by Camille Roskelley
    Daydreams bundl in Jade or Rose

    Rustic Rooster: Indigo Crossing yardage - 1/2 yard cuts of all the available prints
    A Quilting Life by Sherri McConnell

    Southern Fabric: Little Black Dress bundle

    Fat Quarter Shop: Great Granny Squared book
    Homestead Gathering bundle

    Fort Worth Studio: Low Volume FQ bundle
    Aqua/Red FQ bundle

    Green Fairy Quilts: Snowbird FQ BUNDLE

    Cotton Bliss: Grant Park bundle
    Change of Flowers Jelly Roll

    Scarlet Thread: 3 yards Turqoise Cuddle
    3 yards Diamond Leaves by Mark Cesarik in Teal

    Missouri Star: Applique Pressing Sheet
    Le Bouquet Francais or La Fete de Noel layer cake

    Thank you, Melissa for a fun giveaway! Hope you have an awesome Mother's Day!

  102. What a neat giveaway! I picked dream prizes and feel a little embarrassed. but what the heck! Here goes:
    Intrepid Thread- 1/4 or 1/2 yd bundle of Kona Solids to match Botanics by Carolyn Friedlander
    Fort Worth Fabric Studio- Trendy Bella Charm Pack Group- what a cool idea!
    Fat Quarter Shop- Disco Quilt Kit or Botanics Thread Box- doesn't matter what size- I love thread!
    Green Fairy Quiilts- Moda Porcela jelly roll or yardage
    Cotton Bliss- 5 yds of Moda Wishes fabric to back my quilt, especially Doilies Multi!
    The Scarlet Thread- Round and Round Kit with aqua background- how it pops!
    Missouri Star Quilt Co.-Botanics Fat Quarter Bundle- on sale!
    Rustic Rooster- Moda Chance of Flowers Layer Cake
    Southern Fabric- Simplify Thread Box by Aurifil

    I shop at several of these places but liked getting to know a few new ones!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  103. i've always admired the special bundles at Fort Worth Fabrics , the pinks and greens are so pretty.
    and this bundle, from Intrepid Thread again its the greens that are so pretty,
    i could choose something from every shop, lol too much fabric that i love

  104. From the Intrepid Thread - I like the Classic Modern Quilts book -

    From the Rustic Rooster Quilt Shop - I like the Stella Light 24 -

    From Southern Fabric - I like the 25th and Pine - Jelly Roll (30360JR) by Basic Grey for Moda -

    From the Fat Quarter Shop - I like the Fun with Frosty Quilt Kit -

    From Missouri Star Quilt Co - I like Kona Cotton - Fields of Iris Colorstory Fat Quarter Bundle -

  105. How about a quilt kit for Christmas?
    And some Aurifil thread would be very handy.
    http:// /the-binding-box-aurifil-thread-box
    Jeni Baker's new line in FQ
    Or a True Colors layer cake from Missouri Star quilt co

  106. I love the fall print at Missiouri quilt company - Thanks for the opportunity!

  107. From Intrepid Thread I would love Jeni Bakers Dreaming Vintage fat quarters. From Fat Quarters Shop the Pam Kitty Morning fabric- any kind. From Missouri Star the Riley Blake Chevron fabric. Happy Mothers Day Melissa and thanks!

  108. Since I usually don't get anything for Mother's Day, so this was fun!
    The Intrepid Thread: Lucky Penny Fat Quarter Bundle in Noon
    Rustic Rooster: Simply Retro Camille Roskelley
    Southern Fabrics: Fireworks - Sewing Pattern by Thimble Blossoms (TB155)
    Fat Quarter Shop: Quilt Dad's Nature's Elements Fat Quarter Bundle
    Fort Worth Fabrics: ZAKKA Tape / Labels Hand Made
    Green Fairy Quilts: Moda Fat Quarter Bundle - Bella Solids Rainbow
    The Scarlet Thread: Oink a Doodle Moo in Black Eggshell by Jenn Ski for Moda - 1 yard
    Missouri Star: Bloc Loc Square Up Ruler Combo Set #2 (includes 2.5", 4.5" and 6.5" rulers)

  109. I would love a rotary cutter, and pink fabric. Any pink fabric. :) Thanks!

  110. I love these giveaways for mother's day! Thanks a bunch!
    Anne walker
    Mothers day messages

  111. Flying Geese Bloc Loc Rulers at The Intrepid Thread
    Botanics Fat Quarter Bundle at Missouri Star Quilt
    Sphere Charm Pack at Cotton Bliss
    Lime and Aqua Fat Quarter Collection at Scarlett Thread Co.
    Purple Vanishing Fabric Marker at Green Fairy Quilts
    Low Volume Fat Quarter Bundle at Fort Worth Fabric Studio
    Bella Solids - Porcela - Layer Cake at Southern Fabric
    Dark Kaffe Fassett Collective Fat Quarter Bundle at Fat Quarter Shop
    Best Press (Linen) at Rustic Rooster Quilt Shop

  112. Where did the weekend go? Except for the books and adding more fabric from every store I love your list. Maybe I can just borrow your rulers?

  113. I think my wants are out sight but help is my wish list:

    The Mint to be by Camelot-Intrepid thread
    Tutorial for Diva wallet- Rustic rooster
    Day dream FQ bundle by Kate Spain- Southern Fabri
    8 days a week FQ bundle- Sew much more
    Touch of spring FQ bundle- Fort Worth
    Moda FQ Belles of solids- Moda pre cuts
    April showers- Cotton Bliss
    Fleurologie by Stephanie ryan from The Scalett thread and MSQ

    I can't wait to spend more time on each of these sites.

  114. Every holiday was a crafting bonanza with my mom! We were very poor but never noticed as the special times meant clever projects with cotton balls, sticks, glue and bits of fabric. I am sure it is why I cannot throw away even bitty bits of scraps. The time together, singing and creating and my mother complimenting all of our art is a dear part of growing up for me!


    And the Granny Squares stuff!

  116. Growing up modern
    Rotary cutter
    custom bundle
    Love them all

  117. Fat quarter shop - granny squared book
    Fort Worth fabric - well just made an order for more fabric and would love lots more!

  118. Chance of Flowers fabric from Rustic Rooster is very cute!

  119. If it's not too late, here is my list:
    Some more Sun Prints
    Presencia Pearl Cotton thread in sz 8, 6 colours.
    The gingham prints from
    Pine Fresh by Sandy Gervais
    Aurifil thread
    A precut that I've never tried:
    tea towels to embroider on:
    It's not hard to choose something wonderful from every sponsor!

  120. What fun to browse through those shops!
    I found: daydreams FQB in ink by Kate Spain from Intrepid Thread / le bouquet francais Layercake by French general at rusticrooster quiltshop / 5" charm pack tumbler template at Missouri Quilt Co. / Quilter's garden FQB by Lynette Anderson at FQ Shop/ La Fete de Noel FQB by French General at Green Fairy quilts/ Art to heart Hohoho, let it snow patternbook at rusticroaster quilt shop / and I am totally in love with the 108" quiltback fabric Henry Glass Skyblue at scarlettthreadquilt etsy shop.!
    You said dream, so I did, lol!

  121. So hard to pick! - From Discover Fabric, the Andrea Victoria Fat Quarter Bundle in Aqua, or from Green Fairy Quilts, the Moda Layer Cake Bee My Honey. Thanks so much!

  122. I am starting to collect red, white & cream for patriotic quilts. I would really love to have the charm pack from Missour Star Quilt Co. Thank you very much.

  123. I've sent stories about my mother by using Reply to the e-mail. Was that completely wrong? Should I resend them to this site?

    Sandi Hemming

  124. My list would include some of those bobbin washers I see Leah Day go on about, I like that book about quilting wide open spaces. Any kind of batik fabric.

  125. My wish list includes FQ bundle of 10 FQ of Glass Slipper roses from Intrepid Thread;a Sugar Hill FQ bundle by Tanya Whalen and a Sew Stitchy layer cake from Scarlettthreadquiltco; and a FQ bundle of Le Bouquet Francais from southern Fabric.

  126. Melissa, First thank you for the wonderful give-aways. I just spend 30 minutes getting caught up in reading everyone's comments throughout the days. Just THAT was a gift in itself!! Currently on my "wish List" sitting right next to me is:
    Liberated Quilting Book by Gwen Marston
    Dotty Layer Cake by Moda
    Superior THread in Ivory
    Order a set of Aurfill thread,,,to try (I see it on many blogs and haven't tried it)
    Thanks again...and Happy MOther's Day to you as well.
    Val from

  127. I wrote notes, but forgot this part. Any fabric would please me; they all look beautiful. I'm kind of house bound so don't get out to look and touch as I'd like. Any of the fabrics would be wonderful.

  128. Fabric is always wonderful to look at, feel and plan what to do with French General and Bonnie and Camille tools are great and Looking around there are lots that I haven't seen before like the Bloc Loc rulers, and good scissors and rotary cutters and thread to use are always on my lists , such a great array of lovely goodies available at the websites.

  129. My wish list. Color Me Happy by Vanessa Christenson from Intrepid Thread. A jelly roll - Woodland Summer Batiks by Holly Taylor from Moda. 30's playtime fabric from Missouri Star Company. Chance of Flowers fabric by Sandy Gervais from Rustic Rooster. I need to get a new rotary cutter because I broke mine so it would be a lovely surprise to win a Olfa Splash cutter. Thank you Melissa for a chance at winning a prize. You are such a sweetheart for posting these posts. I hope you have a beautiful, loved filled Mothers Day.

  130. I would love the Wacky Web starter kit from my favorite site MSQC so I can make a quilt from their 1st Block bookazine.

  131. Thanks for the great give away.
    Intrepid thread: Enchino Decorous
    Rustic Rooster: osnaburg
    Southern Fabric: Mixed Bag fq bundle
    Fat Quarter Shop: Botanics fq bundle
    Fort Worth Fabric Studio: 108" Spot On backing fabric
    Green Fairy Quilts: 25th and Pine fq bundle
    Cotton Bliss: Aurifil Cones
    The Scarlet Thread: Color Me Happy FQ Bundle
    Missouri Star Quilt Co: 30s Playtime FQ Bundle

  132. I love the fabrics, need more stash!

  133. What a lovely mother's day idea! You must be super mom for all you do. I have four myself, but the were spaced far apart. My older two are step and their mom and dad have passed away. My younger two are all mine. My baby starts college in the fall, yikes! Oh well, more time for quilting....
    I would love some Aurifil cones, can never have enough and layer cakes and jelly rolls seem to be wonderful too. I love books on FMQ too. Just in case, bright colors always suit me as I quilt for project Linus and Veterans Project Los Angeles. Thanks, Lynn


Thank you so much for your sweet comments. I just love hearing from you!!
Have a Happy Quilting Day :)