Monday, September 8, 2014

National Sewing and Quilting Month Celebration!!!!

September is National Sewing and Quilting Month and Fat Quarter Shop is celebrating!!!  Part of the celebration is a challenge issued to Try Something New!!!  You can share your challenge projects on social media using a #fqschallenge.

Well, we all know I am quilter, and I don't do really do a lot of what I call 3-D sewing.   But . . . I took up the challenge!!!   My daughter's birthday is later this month and she has been begging for some Anna and Elsa dress ups.   Roll up my sleeves and put on my big girl panties, . . . it was time to sew.

I was so very fortunate to have a wonderful Mother In Law that let me raid her stash of fancy fabrics that she uses to make hats for the Shakespearean Festival.  She had so many awesome fabrics (that scared me because they weren't cotton) and she even had a Frozen pattern she picked up the week before.   Eeekk, I actually read a clothing pattern!!

It took me quite a while to get everything cut out.  Those fabrics just didn't want to lie flat and that tissue paper just wants to float away.   I quickly decided I didn't much care for the Elsa cape and so I raided MIL's pattern stash and found one that looked just more like a plain cape.

I was nervous to start sewing because that fabric just wanted to roll around and give me grief, but after a day (and yes, I mean the whole day) I had this lovely cape to show for it ;)   And I could not be more pleased with how it turned out!!!  So cute!!!

I love that this little rose turned out to be right on the capelet.  I totally didn't plan it but it was a super happy surprise ;)

And the next day, I was back at it again.  I am happy to say that I must have learned some stuff from day 1 because the Elsa cape only took me half a day.   I love the super shiny fabrics on the top :)  They are just so fun!!!   And I even remember to line it with something soft, so the girls be bothered by the scratchy shiny stuff ;)

And I found the cutest hook and eye clasps.   They really are the perfect finish!!!

Once I finished the capes, I decided that would count as proper dress-ups.  They can wear one of their own dresses underneath if they want :)  I have had enough 3-D sewing to last me a while ;)    But I am so, so, so very excited with how they turned out.   Yippee!!!  I wish I could try them on the girls and take pictures of them with them on, but I best not spoil the surprise ;)   (which is also why these pics have some horrible lighting, I took them at 5:00 am before the girls woke up ;) 

And there is a second half that goes along with this challenge.   The lovely ladies at the Fat Quarter Shop asked us to answer a few questions that share a bit about our journey into the world of sewing/quilting.   So here is a little trip down my memory lane ;)

1.       How did you start quilting/sewing?

About a month before my husband and I were moving across the country for his schooling I asked my mother to teach me the basics of quilting.  I figured I had lots of quiet nights ahead of me while Jacob studied and needed a little hobby to fill my time.  My mom found this Christmas Around The Year pattern in her stash and taught me how to piece a block and then do the applique.   I loved it instantly and this was my fall back project for the next 2 years when I wasn't making a baby blanket for an expecting friend ;)

2.       When was the first time you knew that you were a quilter/sewer?

 I think I considered myself a quilter after designing my own quilt for my first tutorial that was hosted at the Moda Bake Shop.  It was my first time not following a pattern of someone elses and really putting myself out there ;)  It was scary and wonderful all at the same time.  Snuggly Squares received such wonderful feedback and I knew it was the start of hobby turned passion ;)

3.       Do you have any sewing/quilting horror stories or faux pas?

Oh sure, I have done lots of silly things over the years in my sewing room.  I once was quilting along and went to turn the quilt but it wouldn't turn.  I wondered what the deal was and then looked to to find that I had free motion quilted the sleeve of my sweater to my quilt to and was now attached to my quilt.  I don't know how I didn't notice it when I was doing it, but my husband sure got a kick out of watching my trying to unpick myself ;)   Sadly, I was laughing so hard I forgot to take a picture ;)

4.       What advice would you give to someone who’s just starting out in sewing/quilting?

I would tell someone who is starting to Quilt Happy!!!!!   This is such a wonderful industry to be a part of.  There is so much information out there and everyone is always willing to lend a helping hand.  Don't be afraid to ask, we all learn from each other.  That is what makes this so fun!!!

Fat Quarter Shop is sharing their love of Quilting and Sewing with this free Color My Heart Quilt Pattern.  Isn't it just adorable.  You can click on it to download the free pattern and whip up this super cute mini!!!

And that just about wraps today up :)  Thanks for stopping by and have a Happy Quilting Day!!!  I know I plan to do some serious quilting, I am having some withdraws after sewing for 2 days ;)

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  1. Cool. It's been a while since a read a garnment pattern. My younger BOY wants to dress like Elsa this Halloween. And he was clear, the first dress, not the "winter" dress. Last year he was Yoda. I still have 40 days to chage his mind or get ready to sew a dress.

  2. I have this exact pattern on my list to pick up! Gonna make the costumes for my granddaughters for Christmas.

    My grandmother taught me to sew/ quilt at 10 but I went right to garment sewing. To me, quilting is easier because generally it's all straight seams.

  3. Your capes are adorable!!! I started out sewing in 7th grade, and made most of my clothes all the way through high school. Made little dresses for my daughters then put my sewing machine away in favor of paint brushes and a scroll saw. Started quilting 6 years ago and it has consumed my life!!

  4. You've done a wonderful job on those capes, Melissa. I'm sure the girls are going to love them.

  5. They turned out beautiful! I'm sure they will be a big hit and asking for more 3D sewing. 3D sewing, that phrase makes me laugh every time I see it!

  6. You did wonderful! I'm sure your girls will be THRILLED with them. I remember my mom making Barbie clothes for me as a kid and loved all the different clothes I had from anyone else. I'm sure they will remember it, too!

    Sandy A

  7. excellent cloaks, can see you will be doing more dressmaking, maybe something for yourself next time. Good to read about how you got into quilting etc

  8. Lovely job on the capes, your MIL has a fab fabric selection!

  9. Fantastic capes!! And it makes me smile, because I STARTED with clothing sewing, and that is why I like quilting so much better!! ;-D And a quilt doesn't have to fit my not so stylish figure either!! :-) And if you had planned it, the rosette on the capelet wouldn't have ended up as perfectly! So glad you had wonderful results with your costume sewing!! Hugs, H

  10. Beautiful capes! You should be proud as they are lovely and you did a fantastic job. I am one of those who started sewing my own clothes, progressed to sewing clothing, fancy gowns and Halloween/figure skating costumes for others and then finally started quilting with my sewing machine. Up until this point I only hand quilted. The ease of working with 100% cotton with the sewing machine was so relaxing after years of slippery, fussy fabrics that I was immediately hooked. I seldom sew clothing anymore, machine quilt like a maniac, and make sure I spend time hand piecing and hand quilting.


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