Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday Monday

Well, Sad to say it is one of those kind of Mondays around here.  I woke up with a nasty cold and have spent the morning with a box of tissues :(  Guess that is what happens when Spring shows up ;)
My original plan for today was to sew my blocks together for the Irish Chain Twist QAL.  They have been waiting all weekend for me.  But honestly,  It just takes some of the fun out of sewing when you don't feel good, ya know.  I don't want to finish this on a groggy icky kind of day, I want it to be fun and happy.

Instead, I suppose I can tackle these  Oh ya, taxes.   I got the last of the documents I was waiting on Friday in the mail so now, I really can't procrastinate them any longer.   And if you feel miserable, you might as well get a miserable task done right ;)  

Oh ya, we can find some silver lining in this ;)  Any maybe, just maybe it will be a 24 hour thing and I will be feeling good and happy tomorrow and ready to put my Irish Chain Twist together so it is all set for Thursday's post ;)

So take that Monday, you won't get me down ;)   How is your Monday shaping up??

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  1. I was laid off from work on Friday but instead of stressing I'm going to clean my sewing machine and sewing space. I haven't ever been off in a Monday with no work! Feels really odd and I'm almost bereft but I'm also looking forward to quilting time. I may take a few weeks to enjoy it before looking for a new job. I went back to work just 2 weeks after having my daughter 14 years ago. We are finally in a good position so that I don't need to rush. Lol. Life is good!!

  2. I procrastinated on the taxes too - got them done this morning. We get $58 back this year. So depressing. Usually we get back around $2K and it pays for our summer vacation. I guess no summer vacation this year :(

  3. Sorry your not feeling well. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. We have an accountant to do our taxes, courtesy of the company my darling works for (his parents!) so I never have to worry about that. Love it! Monday is always "ugh" for me because after having 2 days off my 8 year old hates starting up school again.

    I'm excited about the next step in our journey to a new quilt top, though I haven't yet finished the last step. Eep! Gots to work on that. Maybe after school is done? Maybe after I figure out dinner? *sigh* time will be had for it before Thursday, I hope, but when?

    Hope you fell better soon!

  5. Hope you get to feeling better. I'm glad you didn't work on your quilt feeling rhat way. I know I would have been using the seem ripper a lot after working on mine when I'm not feeling well. BUT TAXES?? be careful you aren't inviting the IRS to dinner! lol

  6. Feel better soon, Melissa. Those spring colds are nasty.

  7. Hope you feel better quickly!!! My apt with H & R Block is tomorrow: I'm gathering things this evening!! And sewing!! :-) I just hope we don't end up owing on our taxes this year. I'll find out soon!! Good luck with yours! Hugs, H


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