Thursday, June 25, 2015

Irish Chain Quilts - Signings and Schoolhouse

Saturday I got to spend the afternoon at Pine Needles Quilt Shop in West Jordan, Utah.  I grew up going to visit this shop, so it was so much fun to go back and do an Irish Chain Quilts book signing ;)  Everyone at the shop was so nice, and it really is such an adorable shop!!  If you are ever in the Salt Lake area, you should totally stop by!!  Oh, and total side note, while I was in Salt Lake we stayed with my parents, and I might have had my mom chop my hair.   Eeekk!!

I have another book signing tomorrow at my cute local quilt shop here in Cedar City!!  Kim McCallister runs Stitching It Up and I just love her shop!!!  I am so excited to get to share my quilts and Irish Chain Quilts with all of my Cedar City friends.   I will be at Stitching It Up on Friday evening from 5:30 - 7:30 signing books and sharing the fun on Irish Chain Quilts.  So if you are in the surrounding area, pop on in and say hi ;)  We are going to have a great time!!!

And one last Irish Chain Quilts tidbit.  Remember how I mentioned that Fat Quarter Shop filmed my Irish Chain Quilts Schoolhouse Presentation . . . well it is now available for viewing ;)   So, if you want to see me talk all about Irish Chain Quilts while I shake like a leaf have a peek ;)  

Have a Happy Quilting Day!!!
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  1. You are so cute. Your presentation was awesome! Congratulations on your book. I will buy one. Your designs are fresh and fun.

  2. Your hair was the first thing I noticed! Tell your mom she did a great job! Wish I was close enough to go to a signing. Love your book. thanks for the blog hop.

  3. You are so pretty. I love this photo of you!!
    I chop hair too. I love it. Yours turned out perfect!
    I have your book coming in the mail.
    I am so honored to have one. I will write my name in it and
    I will display it proudly.

  4. I really like those cutie little quilts on the wall, I like the sewing machine one, with the spool corners, and the other one on the corner of the wall, that is spools or something, really really cute. Do you sell patterns for those?

  5. Great video! Brings back great memories. How you come up with all those tidbits and asides! So much fun.

  6. How fun to go back to the old stomping grounds and have a book signing!
    right away I thought that your haircut was so cute Melissa! i definitely would like to see your video!

  7. Watched your video, Melissa. You did a grand job and it has made me want your book even more!! Totally gorgeous quilts...not a single one would go on a "Don't Do" list. :)

  8. I visited Pine Needles when I was out west visiting my mom last month. It's definitely a favorite shop. Plus I have to tell you that I won Moda's giveaway in conjunction with the Irish Chain Quilts blog hop -- so exciting! I have just finished my pressing and cutting for the night and plan to sit down to enjoy your book thoroughly. Admiring the 3 layer cakes that were sent along with your book will have to wait until tomorrow night. :-)

  9. Great job on your presentation! All your quilts are beautiful. I like your new hair do also it looks fantastic.

  10. How fun you got to do this!! I was just in SLC last week and visited Pine Needles for the 1st time and loved it!! Wish I had been in SLC one week earlier to see you too!! :-) And your hair looks great!! It compliments your face beautifully!! Hugs, H


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