Monday, January 9, 2017

Starting means Cutting!!

I know I have said it before, and I know it still  probably sounds a little crazy, but I just love the cutting part of starting a new project.   Really, I truly do.  I don't know what it is about taking a stack of pretty fabrics and cutting them all into just the right sizes that I enjoy so much, but it sure makes me smile every time.  (I think some of it has to do with the math, I am a geeky accountant that way :)  And I really love seeing the pretty little stacks of squares, rectangles, and triangles when I am all done cutting out a project.  Oh, and the little leftover strings are pretty awesome as well ;)  Especially when they are a sea of beautiful blues and greens from Karen Lewis's Blueberry Park!!!

I cut the above little project out on Saturday afternoon and I am super excited because this morning I have two more fun projects to cut out!!!    Super classy Maven by Basic Grey   and then totally adorable Sugar Pie by Lella Boutique, both for Moda.    And yes, neither of these 2 lines are available quite yet (release in March) but this is some more of that "secret sewing" so I was fortunate enough to get a jump start with these fun fabrics :)   But one of these two won't be a secret for to long :)

And with that, I am off to the cutting table!!!!  What a fun way to spend Monday Morning ;)

Are you by chance cutting out a new project this Monday Morning??

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  1. I am starting a baby quilt for my first great grandchild who is due in about two months. I am using layer cake. Anna couldn't decide on colors until about 10 days ago and finally chose coral and aqua which is fine with me because I had a great Moda layer cake on hand. I found a pattern on line and I am ready to go. I am really too young to be a "great".

  2. I too love the cutting part and counting, counting, counting :)! Isn't that what bankers did all day ;)? I'm cutting and sewing 12" blocks to set between the 'Haystack' blocks I made.

  3. I love those little piles of trimmings too! I think that is how you get confirmation that your fabric choices were right. When that pile it almost too pretty to throw away and you start posing it to take some photos. :)

  4. Your post finally galvanized me to start cutting for my next quilt. I dread cutting because my straight edge always seems to slip so I have to be extra careful. I bought the quilt kit several months ago so I doubt I can buy more. That's why I dread beginning the cutting. I'm still not done--lits more to go but at least I've begun. Thank you!

  5. I'm sewing up a baby quilt using up some of the bag of 1 1/2 inch squares that came from scraps. Triple Irish chain.

  6. I'll be happy to send you some fabric to cut up for me! I really do NOT enjoy squaring up HST's, but I love that little pile of trimmings when I'm finished. I think I'll start a new project tomorrow - cutting mat here I come!

  7. I agree - the cutting is lots of fun. But then I get so many cut and need to get busy actually piecing quilt tops... Then the tops pile up before they get quilted... It's all good, as long as I am occupied.

  8. I love cutting too! It means the project is new and exciting and full of promise.
    Also, cutting means we get to spend lots of time looking at pretty fabric, which is half the reason we all sew in the first place, right?

  9. I love love love the cutting!!! I have 5 little piles that I desperately want to cut into, but I need to finish quilting about 6 more quilts first. I've been trying really really hard not to grab my rotary cutter. So far I'm doing good! Soon Soon Soon! :)


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