Monday, February 13, 2017

Scrappy N Happy Quilt Cruise!!!!

Wow, Wow, and Triple Wow!!!  This post has been a few days coming because I just keep trying to figure out how to put such an amazing week into words ;)   I can't even begin to explain how much fun it was to quilt and cruise with such an amazing bunch of gals!!!!   Let's just say that the Scrappy N Happy Quilt Cruise was indeed very, very Happy!!!

So in case your wondering, here is how it works ;)   Each day you are "at sea" you get to take a class that runs from 9 in the morning until 4:30 in the afternoon.  There are 3 days "at sea" and three teachers that rotate around to your class . . . so by then end of the cruise you have taken 3 Scrappy N Happy Classes and have lots of progress on 3 Quilts!!!

Now let me tell you, these gals in class were so amazing!!!   They were determined to make the most of every sewing minute ;)   They came back late at night and sewed into the wee hours of the morning.   They squeezed in some pressing between evening shows, (which were amazing!!!)  came back from ports and went right to their machines,  some didn't even break for lunch ;)   In fact, we even had a few little naps in the afternoon right at our sewing machines we worked so hard :)

 And yes, we even had an entire quilt top finish!!!!   And isn't it just so Scrappy and Happy!!!    I just love it!!!   Really, these gals were just incredible and I was so blessed to get to spend the week with them all ;)

And oh my goodness, what a fun filled week it was!!!  Right along with the sound of machines humming away was plenty of laughter and smiling and hugging ;)   Most of the gals came with a friend or family member and it was so wonderful to see everyone getting to know each other throughout the week.   Isn't it amazing the common bonds we share through quilting!!!

And speaking of bringing family along . . . I was so blessed to have Barbara and my two Sister-In-Laws, Charlotte and Becca come along!!!   Becca has done a quilt or two in the past and this was all new to Charlotte and it was so fun to see them both gain more and more confidence as the week went on ;)   Here are their starts from the 3 Classes, aren't they just so happy!!!

And we also brought some good friends along ;)  A huge thank you to our wonderful friends Becca and Clint Larsen  who agreed to come cruise along and keep my sweetheart entertained while I was teaching ;)

And boy oh boy, did they stay plenty busy on the boat.  There are no shortage of activities on Oasis of the Seas.  That is one big boat!!!!    That's Jacob in the red shirt climbing the rock wall ;)  And they even got my husband to agree to an 80's Dance Party!!!  (which some of the gals from Stitchin' Heaven might have gotten video of and if it surfaces at some point, let's just say we might have lost some of our moves over the last 20 years ;)  

And on the Port Days, Jacob, Clint, and Becca had some amazing activities planned as well ;) We played just as hard off the boat as we did on the boat!!!  Here we are hiking up the Dunns Water Fall ;)

And getting ready to go down the longest Zip Line over water in the world!!!  It took us a full minute to go down and boy were we humming along, so fun!!!

And of course, we took advantage of lots of Sun and Sea :)   The water is just so gorgeous and I think I could have stayed in there all day.   Seriously, some of the prettiest beaches I have ever seen ;)

It truly was just an absolutely amazing week!!!  A huge, huge, huge, thank you to Stitchin' Heaven for inviting me along ;)   I loved every minute of it!!!

 And one last picture, just because I can't help laughing every time I look at it  ;)

Good Times!!!!

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  1. I can tell you had a blast. I'm so glad the whole experience was wonderful.

  2. I wanna go! Where do I sign up for the next voyage?

    1. You can find all of the details of future cruises with Stitchin Heaven right here

  3. Shame I get seasick at the sight of a boat hahaha

  4. Shame I get seasick at the sight of a boat hahaha


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