Thursday, October 19, 2017

2 New Books - Lots more Projects!!!

I am so excited about 2 new books that just arrived in the mail!!!  The first is All in a Row Again, a compilation book from lots of the Moda Designers compiled by Lissa Alexander.   And I can't wait to get Rowing Along!!!    And the second book is Barbara Groves and Mary Jacobson's, of Me and My Sister Designs,  new book, Easy Layer-Cake Quilts. I absolutely adore Barbara and Mary!! They are some of the sweetest gals you will ever meet and I am so excited to play with their new book ;) 

So, you might remember that when the first All in a Row Book came out, that I was fortunate enough to have been asked to do one of the Gallery Quilts in it and I made a beautiful Fall Themed Row Quilt.  Then I Rowed Along with it's release to make a fun filled Christmas Row Quilt.   So, with this new All in a Row Again book it seems only right to make a Springtime Themed Row quilt right!!! 
I plan to go scrappy (my scrap drawers are totally overflowing) and use a happy, bright, palette of springtime colors. 

And there are so many (23 to be exact)  wonderful rows to choose from, it is super hard to narrow down which rows to make into a quilt.   But as of this moment, I am leaning towards these 7 rows,   and then maybe one of Lissa's Blender Rows as a border.   Wouldn't this just be so cute!!!!

I can't wait to get Rowing Along!!!  Now all I need is for Moda to start an actual Row Along so that I can give this quilt a deadline which always seems to make my "for fun" quilts get done!!!   Maybe I will have to drop a hint or two after market ;)  Wouldn't you just love to Row Along as well, I mean, these are all so cute, you can't help but join in the fun, right!!  

And onto my second bit of wonderful mail!!!  Easy Layer-Cake Quilts are just that.   Easy quilts that will go together fast, but are super cute and are all made with a Layer Cake.   And ya, I might have a thing for stashing Layer Cakes.  I can't help it, I just love them!!!  They are always the perfect size for a quick quilt, so you can see why I just had to have this book.  It's like Barb and Mary made it for me :)  I couldn't help but flip through the designs the minute I opened the box and start thinking of some favorite stashed layer cakes that would fit perfect for these quilts. 

I love the fun twist on this Chevron quilt and love the idea of making it in my treasured Basic Mixologie layer cake.   Those bold graphic prints would so make these chevrons shine!!  And the way Barb and Mary make up this quilt is brilliant, it will go together in a snap ;)

This Off the Grid quilt is a stunner that would make a fantastic Picnic quilt!!!  Wouldn't it  be so fun to do a Springtime version of it using my Vintage Picnic layer cake.  I would use the Navy prints in place of the black prints to really make it pop on all of those happy springtime colors.  So pretty ;)

And I just love, love,love this Beanstalk pattern!!!  Isn't it just so fun!!!   I love it in the bold black, white, and red, and thought about my Chic Neutrals Layer Cake that has the bold greys and blacks, and then pops of yellow and purple . . . and you know how I love purple!!!   I would be perfect!

And finally, I can not get over how cute these little houses are!!!  Suburban is an adorable pattern and once again, I was blown away with how Barb and Mary put these little guys together using layer cakes.  It really speeds up the piecing!!!   And how cute would this be in Wishes!!!  I have saved (hoarded) this Layer Cake for a while now, but I think those houses would just be so adorable in the happy colors of this line!!!   I just might have to bust it open :)

So ya, can you tell that I am super excited about  Easy Layer-Cake Quilts arriving in the mail and might have just added a whole slew of projects to the "to make" list!!!  But the nice thing is that they really are easy and I can squeeze them in between other projects and maybe make a bit of a dent in my Layer Cake stash ;)   

Gotta love Happy Mail Days!!!!   Now it's off to start some Happy Quilting, those Scrap Drawers and Layer Cakes aren't going to sew themselves up!!!

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Day!!! 
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  1. I would love to make the little house quilt, just adorable. x

  2. Just put them both on my Christmas list!

  3. Hello Melissa; Receiving spectacular mail like this is always so fun! Plus, just as you have detailed here; we instantly start planning and playing with quilts in our heads until we just have to stop what we are doing and go and make one of these new quilts right away! I will have to watch for both of these books. Thank you for sharing. Have a great day!


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