Monday, January 22, 2018

Sick Slow Down

So Friday afternoon I posted this picture on Instagram and wrote how excited I was that at this rate, I really was going to be able to manage getting this quilted and bound before my class this week!!! 

And Friday evening I had some extra tidbits of time and managed to get the blocks sewn together and the final pieced border on!!!  Isn't it just so fun!!!    I was so excited.    The quilt top was finished, I had the binding cut and ready to press, and the backing picked out so that first thing Saturday morning I could get this on the long arm and finished up.

And then Friday night it hit me.  The Flu!!!  Boo to the Flu!!!  I was down for the count all day Saturday and Sunday.  I am feeling a bit better today, and thought about quilting this,  but my sweet husband reminded me that if I plan to be up and on my feet teaching on Tuesday and Wednesday I best take it easy today.  And of course, he's right.  So I guess this will just be a quilt top for show :)  Oh well, sometimes life just goes that way.   I am just reminding myself to be grateful that I can get out of bed today, because it would have been really bad timing if it was two days later :)  

So since I didn't get anything done this weekend, how about you tell me what you worked on???  Any fun projects for your weekend sewing?? 
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  1. Sorry you caught the flu. I'm in agreement with your husband. Rest...drink plenty of fluids. Hope you feel 100% tomorrow.


  2. I worked on my On Ringo Lake top and a baby quilt for a future book blog hop! It felt good to make some serious progress with few distractions.

  3. I'm so sorry you got the flu. Ugh. Take care til you're 100% once more. I'm working on a scrappy patch quilt for me!😊 -Jean

  4. Oh Melissa, get better. I HATE being sick. The flu is rampant.
    I have been putting all of my clothing in the wash every night. I have been so careful, but really, it is just a matter of luck if you get the flu.
    I also hung around IKEA for 4 hours yesterday!!! So, I am hydrating.
    Keep Hydrating Melissa

  5. Hope you are up and running soon! The flu is not fun! Love your quilt and the use of the black background!!!

  6. Hope you're feeling 100% soon! Great quilt! Is this one of your patterns?

  7. Sorry the flu hit you!! Hope you are all better really soon!! And no, I didn't sew, but I got to go to Road to California on Friday and a bit on Saturday (along with the 8 hour drive home the rest of the day!!) It was a great show! Hopefully you will be able to go to it one day: so worth your time!! Have a great week, and again, I hope you feel well very soon!!! Hugs, H

  8. Shame about the flu but a lovely quilt top, will be stunning once you get to the quilting. All the best with the class.


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