Monday, March 11, 2019

Jessica's Qube Sampler - Blocks 4, 5, & 6 on the Way

You might recall, my daughter Jessica is working on a GO! Qube Sampler.   We have been working on squeezing in a little sewing time, which can sometimes be difficult to have free time for both of us, at the same time :)  But I just love how excited she gets to pick out a new block to work on!!      And since is using my Go! Qube Dies she has a lot of options on blocks.  And she certainly doesn't shy away from the ones with more pieces ;)   So I wanted to show them here so you all can share in my delight of her continued progress.

This is the Mosiac #6 block from the GO! Qube Book, and we laughed that it should have been the sixth block she did, but it's all good.   This one had a lot of points to match, and she did a great job with that.   I love that the GO! Qube  dies have all of the corners clipped on these angled pieces, it makes it much easier for Jessica to line them up.   And I just love her fabric choices.  She is really great at picking a main fabric, and then choosing other fabrics from the block that bring out the colors in the main fabric.  So fun!!! 

Her Block 5 is the Flashing Windmills from the Go! Qube Book.  And on this bock, Jessica decided she wanted to try it "on her own" without any help from me.   I stayed in "mom" range so that I could answer he questions, but she wasn't going to let me touch a piece of fabric to aid in aligning or pinning.  And I think she did amazing!!!   She had a few points that weren't quite so crisp, but learned a lot, and that is what really counts. And as soon as she was done, she wanted to cut out another block, which was a good sign to me that mom's hands off didn't scare her away :)

So this is the 6th block she cut the other day, and I will be interested to see if she wants to go back to a little more mom guidance, or if she is going to keep that spirit of "I can" and do it all on her own.    I know I am hoping for the latter, but of course, will be there to assist in any way I can.   I am just thrilled that she is loving this.  If she can master these shapes in quilting, then she has a great base ;)   And once she has this down, we can add some more shapes and angles to the mix, and that is always fun.   

I keep hoping to make a little more time to work on more blocks, but life happens.   I guess I just to remind myself to be grateful for the time that we get to sew together, and truly, it is so wonderful.   I'll keep sharing more of Jessica's Qube Sampler blocks as she sews them up!!

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Day!!!

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  1. Sounds like the old adage: Tell me, show me, let me. is well underway here. She's really doing a fine job with so many points to match. Maybe the next intermediate step is to teach her any more tricks you have up your sleeve. And help her know we all have some imperfections sometimes.

  2. I love these especially the top one!

  3. Jessica is doing fabulous!!! That top block is not a beginner block! So glad you have another quilter in the family! Is she going to keep this one for herself?

  4. wow these blocks are so pretty!! Well done

  5. How fun!! I love her fabric choices. How old is Jessica?


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