Friday, July 24, 2020

Jolly Bar Row Along!!

So remember back here when I said I was going to do the Jolly Bar Row Along???  Well, it's started and is well under way and I just realized, I was a little behind.  So I sad down and started making blocks. 

I started with the Sparrow Blocks.   So cute!!!


Followed by the Arrow Blocks.  These only took a minute to make ;)  

And the Hear blocks followed soon after that.  I just love how fun and fast these blocks are!!  

And I just couldn't stop, so I moved on to the Butterfly blocks.  

And finished up with the Arrow blocks.   Wow, what a fun afternoon of sewing!!!

So now all my blocks are made, and I am ahead.  Maybe I will have the quilt top put together by the end of the Row Along ;)   So fun!!!
There is still lots of time to join in, because just like me, you can catch up super fast as these blocks are just a breeze to make and so much fun!!!  You will need the Jolly Bar Book, Volume 2,and 1 Jolly Bar and some background fabric and you are ready to go!!!!

And this is my planned layout, you know I always have to change things up a bit ;)   I am using Winifred Rose by Christopher Thompson for Riley Blake Designs and I just have to sew up the rows now.   Should have this done very soon :) 

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Weekend!!!   I know I plan to sew and sew and hopefully sew some more ;)  
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  1. Your layout is cute. I may have to steal that idea from you! I have to make a couple of the blocks still. I got sidelined by a thank you gift that I am making, so the blocks will have to wait until tomorrow.
    I am just grateful that I am back sewing again! I still have a long way to go to get this room cleared and organized the way that works best for me, but since I started sewing again I have found things that could be put away because I don't use them often, and are just in my way.
    Have fun with that Jolly Bar Row Along. I am enjoying it!

  2. Looking great! The fabrics are so pretty in this one.


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