Saturday, December 16, 2023

New Look - Happy Quilting Patterns!!

Thank you so much for all of the pattern love you have shared with me!!!  I am so glad that you are loving the 2 new Happy Quilting patterns I have shared this week!! Along with the two new patterns, 2 of my original Happy Quilting Patterns have also gotten a Make-over!!!  They are still filled with full color - wonderful illustrations to guide you along each step of the way but now have the benefit of 10 years of writting patterns :)        


This is so very exciting, I just can't tell you how fun it is to pick up a box of shiny new patterns from the printer!!! Just amazing :)     I wish I had time to "re-make" each of these quilts as I Re-Release the patterns . . . but as you can see, things are a little busy at Happy Quilting, tee hee hee.  So no new quilts today, just new shiny patterns :)  

So are you ready to get Happy Quilting???  Be sure to pop over to my Etsy Shop, to pick up your Patterns books, and templates before the After Black Friday - Early Christmas Sale ends on Monday ;) 
 All 7 PDF Patterns are just $5.50, and the Paper Patterns are $7.00 and the books are marked down as well!! 

 And when you finish your  Happy Quilting Quilts I would love to see them!!!  You can email me a picture at or add it to social media with  #happyquiltingwithmc ;)  I can't wait to see your Happy Quilting Quilts!!!

Thanks again for all of the New Pattern Love!!!  It has me super excited to get the next group all ready to release ;)

I hope you all have a Happy Quilting Day!!! 

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