Monday, February 26, 2024

My Favorite Purple Tools

 This morning I got working on a new project that is all grunge in all the purples!!!  You know how I love purple ;)   Well, I had to laugh when I realized that the three tools I use the most in my sewing room are also all purple, I mean, are you surprised??  

I love my Olfa Splash Rotary Cutter for cutting.  The blade is super easy to change and the grip fits perfectly in my hand.  Olfa Splash comes in lots of colors (and yes, I have all of them :) but the purple cutter is the one on my sewing room cutting table!!!   

And this is my all time favorite seam ripper!!!   It is a hand-turned wood seam ripper made by a wonderful couple from Gunnison Utah who vend at lots of the Utah retreats I teach at.  They are the Westenskows and they have a little etsy shop here ;)  Their hand-turned tools are just beautiful, and they have a "flat spot" on the underside so they don't roll off the table, I just love that!!!   They come in natural wood colors as well as dyed wood, and you know I needed a purple one ;)   And my favorite thing about these seam rippers . . . anytime my blade gets dull, the Westenskows will replace the blade with a new one at retreat.    So great!!! 

And finally, my favorite thread snippers, and lucky me, they just happen to be made in purple!!!  These are the Gypsy Quilter's EZ Snips.  I have tried so many thread snippers and these are by far my favorite.  They are a little pricey for thread snips, but they are well worth the cost.  I love that they are spring loaded so I don't have to "open" them each time I snip. And I have been using this pair for over 5 years now and they still cut smooth and quick.  

In fact, I love these tools so much, I know have 3 sets of all of them!!!    One set for my sewing room . . . one set for my traveling sewing machine case . . . and one set for my teaching bag of tools!!!    And can I just say, it is so nice to have the tools you love anytime and anywhere you are quilting ;)   And the fact that they are all purple . . .well that is just a super happy bonus!!!! 

What are your favorite tools and just because I am curious . . .  does anyone else collect their tools in their favorite color ??  Leave a comment below ;) 

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  1. I like my add a quarter ruler.
    I wish I had a rotating cutting mat.
    My iron is red but that was just a happy coincidence:)

  2. I have been collecting items in Aqua - iron and other notions, but I do keep my yellow rotary cutter (though I bought one in blue) - somehow it was that first one that got me into quilting :)!
    Love all your purple 'things'. Our oldest loves everything purple too.

  3. I'm still using some of the tools that I started with in 1999.. my original yellow Olfa rotary cutter is one of them. Being a stay-at-home mom, I tend to only buy tools on sale (so not always my fav color). One day, if I can turn my hobby into a business, I'll treat myself to the prettiest tools!! Thank you, Melissa for your giveaway.. I recently received my layer cake of Strawberry Lemonade from Fat Quarter Shop 🩷


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