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 A week ago we got back from our Cruise-A-Palooza, (a nickname from the YA's) and oh my goodness, what a wonderful time we had!!!   I mean, when you start with Cruising and add Quilting . . . could it get any better!!!  Thanks so much for to my friends at Stitchin Heaven for having me come and teach another Quilting Cruise (and I am teaching again in January, just in case you want to come quilt and cruise with me!!!)  

I taught my Nordic Nights class, and I have to say, this is one of my favorite classes to teach!!!  I get to teach curves, and I love seeing people realize they are not as hard as we feared they would be.   And then the block goes together so quick once your curves are done and just looks so awesome.  And we had so much fun in class!!!  Everyone did so great, and go so much done!!  And I was super excited to get to teach two of my nieces in class.  Didn't Marian and Kamree do such a great job on their blocks!!! 

And if you are wondering what class looks like on a ship . . . Well, about the same as class anywhere else, just with crazier carpet :)   This is half of the group, and then the teachers switch and teach the other half of the group on the next sea day.   That way each quilter gets their own spot for the whole trip and can come and go 24-7 as they please :)   Ya, lots and lots of Happy Quilting!!!

And speaking of Happy Quilting . . . This is the finished Nordic Nights quilt from the Stitchin Heaven Kit.   So pretty!!!   We had so many students finish their quilt top, it was just amazing how much they all completed.   I will say, we did have an extra day at sea due to some high winds, so that helped with progress.   It is kind of funny, when you don't get to port, everyone on the boat is pretty sad, but quilters, they just sew some more and see it as a bonus :)  

And I so enjoyed getting to teach with Elizabeth!!  She is another super Happy Quilter, so of course, we were kindred spirits just having a wonderful time cruising and quilting :)   

While on the cruise, I also got to share a trunk show!!   I brought all of the quilts from my Fast & Fun Lap Quilts Book to share with my new quilting friends.   And my nieces and nephews were so kind to come and help hold quilts.  And Elizabeth was so great to take pictures during my trunk show.  I didn't realize until I flipped through all of the pictures she took, that I get quite animated while doing a trunk show.  

I know, you are all surprised right :)   I just can't help but get excited while talking about quilts.   Although, this one looks like I am a little nervous the ship will sink, tee hee hee ;)

And I have no idea what I was talking about here and what this stance is all about, but my niece and nephew seem to be trying hard not to crack up at crazy Aunt Melissa ;)   Let's just say, the Fast and Fun Lap Quilts Trunk Show is just that . . . Super Fast (talking that is) and oh so Super Fun!!!! 

So that was the Quilting part of Cruise-A-Palooza . . . but there was also some Cruising!!! 

And these guys just made the Cruising part oh so much fun!!!   Along with my Jacob (my sweetheart) and Barbara (grandma), I had my two oldest children, 4 nieces, and 1 nephew along for the ride!!  And they did all of the Cruising!!!!   As my niece put it . . . "We survived seasickness, dominated competitions, ate so much food, tried not to anger Emilio, danced our hearts out, was eaten alive by mosquitos, got sunburnt, did not get lost in Mexico, and had a great time with each other!!"

And of course, we loved getting off the ship as well and exploring beautiful Honduras and Cozumel Mexico!!  Snorkeling was for sure a favorite of all!!! 

Thanks Jacob, Barbara, Spencer, Jessica, Kirsten, Kamree, Makell, Dallen, and Marian for making Cruise-A-Palooza so great!!!  You all made me feel 22 again ;) 

Oh and I thought I would sign off with this . . . 
Coolest find on the ship, An English Paper Pieced Grandmother's Garden made from Soccer Jerseys!!  

Looking forward to Quilting and Cruising again in Jan 2025!!! 

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  1. You captured the fun and excitement well. Such a great cruise. But I sure didn't feel 22, I was hanging on the the grandkids coattails & trying to keep moving.


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