Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Need a Blog Makeover????

So I have had several comments in the past telling me how much people like my blog design.  I have to say, I love it too :)  So when I saw a certain post this morning I figured many of you might appreciate me passing this info along.

So, My amazing friend Becca was the talent behind my blog header and buttons.  And she just graduated with her graphic design degree!!  Shout out to Becca!!!!!  Becca has recently started her own little blog design service called Cute It UP, and lucky for you, she is doing a Graduation Giveaway!!!

Oh yes, you can win your own Cute It UP Darn Cute blog package!!!  Obviously, you can see from my blog, that she does amazing work!!!  So are you interested ???  Well just click on over to Becca's Blog for your chance to win.

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Sew Obsessed :)

Any one out there looking for a great new shop that carries amazing designer favorites??  We'll look no further because Sew Obsesssed is here.  Up until today Sew Obsessed has been a fabric store ran out of Nevada by Annie Hutchings, a super amazing lady!  However, Today is their Virtual Grand Opening!!!  That's right, you can now find Sew Obsessed online and everyone can enjoy!!!

Any one on the look out for some Nicey Jane,

or how about some Soul Blossoms

And Sew Obsessed has an amazing Pattern Selection section.

You'll find all of this and much more!!  So take a minute and click on over to Sew Obsessed and check it out for yourself :) 

And just in case you haven't guessed,  Sew Obsessed is one of my newest sponsors and I am thrilled to have them!! They will be doing a giveaway later on to kick off their sponsorship here at Happy Quilting :)

So here is wishing Sew Obsessed a Happy Grand Opening and wishing you some fun fabric shopping!!!
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Saturday, May 7, 2011

And The Winner Is . . .

Thank you to everyone that entered the Burgundy Buttons Sponsor giveaway!!!  I appreciate  all the sweet comments about Happy Quilting and Burgundy Buttons and tried to reply to them all.  If you didn't get a reply it is probably because you are a no-reply blogger and you might want to change that for the future :)

Now it's time to announce the winner of 2 charm packs of their choice!!!

So, with the help of Mr. Random.Org the winner is . . . . . .

Who happens to be . . . .

Sandra Àlvarez 106said...

I bought the 'Hugs and Kisses' kit from Burgundy Buttons and their service was fast and professional. Leah even solved my doubts via email. I was elated when I received my first parcel from them! FOLLOW
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Friday, May 6, 2011

VIBee Block for Tracey

*** Last Day to enter the Burgundy Button Sponsor Giveaway here :)

And I thought the unpicking (see yesterday's post) was going to be the pain part of this block.  Boy was I wrong.  What really drew me to this pattern was the curves on the inside.  I have never pieced curves before and have wanted to learn how.  Well I think the next time I try something new, I won't find the most difficult pattern that teaches that technique.

Trying to piece a curve that is only 2 inches wide and piecing it to 4 separate pieces of material, defiantly a learning experience.  My first few pieces were done several times.  And I do mean several times!!!  By about the 5th segment, I was starting to figure out the process and only had to piece it once, even though that once still took a lot of patience :)

So then I am thinking I am out of the woods right, wrong :)  Once you have all the segments done you piece them all together and then fiddle with those seams to get the whole thing to lay flat.  Luckily, I only had to adjust one seam and it laid down fine :)  Then you turn the raw edges under on the outer edge and stitch the entire wheel to the background fabric  (it is a lot harder then it sounds to get those curved edges to turn under perfectly without little seams wanting to pop out on you while sewing )

So with all that said, I will add that I am happy with the result.  I am not ecstatic, because it isn't perfect.  Some of my seams don't line up perfect and the outer edges don't curve as perfect as I would like.  But I am happy :)  I learned a lot, and that makes me super happy because it makes me a better quilter!!!  I do love the little border I added to make the block the right size :)  Will I make another??  Maybe, but not for a while :)

So if I haven't completely scared you off and you want to give this block a try, you can find the pattern here.  You can also see much better versions of it here at Twin Fiber's blog, where I first got the idea :)

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Seam Ripper to the Rescue!!!

**  Note - If you are looking for the giveaway you will find it here :)

I almost hate to tell this next little story but I figure, I need to show my little duh moments as well as my successes.   Otherwise you might get the crazy notion that I never make mistakes.  (Which I do, often :)

So I started working on my VIB Block yesterday.  It requires some major cutting, piecing, and a first for me, curved piecing.  So basically, I was trying something new to me :)   So I got everything all cut out and laid out.  Won't these just be adorable little arches :)

I begin sewing the pieces together and start to get the feeling that something might be wrong.  But of course, I ignore that little feeling telling myself it will all come together in the end.  So I keep on stitching.  And then press and Wha La!!!  It didn't come together in the end.  I am staring at this trying to figure how in the world I piece a curve into that bottom and why it isn't a pretty scallop anymore.  And then it hits - I mixed up the inner and outer pieces and sewed the pieces backwards!!!

And this is the only time when chain stitching becomes a major bummer.  Not only do I have to unpick one segment, I have to unpick them all.  Why don't I listen to that little voice in my head saying this isn't right???  Luckily, at this point, it was time to pick the kids up from school so my seam ripper and I became friends again while waiting for the bell to ring.  

I think it will be much easier to piece a curve into this arch then the previous one.  Hopefully tomorrow I can show you the finished product :)

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