Thursday, December 8, 2011

TNT Thursday

So this week I tried a new free motion quilting all-over pattern.  I started with the basic swirl that I have done before but I wanted to change it up a bit.  I added in a sharp point in the center that created a fun little circle inside the swirl and then instead of the edges all being round I tried doing some more points and then echoing those.  It is going to take some more practice but I like the way it is turning out :)

And a slightly sad point of this post .  I tried to make a video of me quilting this so I could upload it.  However, I lost my SD card (I left it in the Wal-Mart printer when printing our Christmas Picture and it wasn't there when I went back.) and so I am using my backup SD card that came with the camera.  It only holds about 10 photos.  I tried to record a video and it had enough memory for about 4 seconds of recording.  Bummer.  But know that I have it on my mind to make some free motion videos and as soon as I get a new SD card, it will be at the top of the list of things to do :)

So that is what I tried this week :)  What did you New Thing did you Try??

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Green Fairy Winner!!!

Thank you again to the Green Fairy for sponsoring our first week of Christmas Giveaway!!!  Let's get a winner!!

With the help of Mr. Random. Org the winner of the Coming Home Fat Quarter Bundle is . . . 

 And #38 is . . .   Caren!!!  Congrats!!!  I bet you believe in Santa now :)

Thank you everyone for participating.  It was so fun to see what fabrics you all loved most :)  Don't forget to check back Friday for our Second Christmas Giveaway!!  It's gonna be good!!

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Done and Done

***  If you are looking for the Fat Quarter Bundle Giveaway you will find it here :)

I am so excited!!!  As of yesterday afternoon, my Christmas "to do's" are done!!!

Homemade Christmas Chocolates Made - Check!!

Family Christmas Letter Sent - Check!!

My Tree Put Up and Decorated - Check!!

The Kids Tree Cut Down and Decorated - Check!!

The Presents All Purchase and Wrapped (and stuffed under the stairs with the luggage since it is the only place we can think of that the kids don't get into :) - Check!!

I am so ready!!!  And can I tell you, it feels like I just got rid of a 10 lb bowling ball that was strapped to my ankle.  Bring on the Holidays!!  And hopefully, bring on some quilting, I have been missing it doing all of this :)
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Friday, December 2, 2011

The Green Fairy and the First Dec. Giveaway!!!!


I am so excited to welcome  The Green Fairy as  Happy Quilting's newest sponsor!!!   Judi (aka the green fairy) and her husband Clint manage and operate The Green Fairy shop from their home in St. George Utah.  (A mere 45 minutes down the road from me :)   

The Green Fairy is your home for all of the new Moda and Riley Blake Pre-Cuts!!!  And they sell at amazing prices!!  Judi and Clint have an amazing selection of pre-cuts and you can always count on them having the newest releases!!  Whether your looking for Fat Quarter Bundles, Layer Cakes, Jelly Rolls, or Charm Packs . . . The Green Fairy has got it!!!

And if your looking for a tremendous sale on pre-cuts you should check out The Green Fairy Clearance Section.  You can get pre-cuts up to 40% off.  And who doesn't love a great deal!!

Another favorite of mine at The Green Fairy are Judi's amazing patterns!!   Judi started designing patterns years ago and now has over 40 pattern designs that sell nation wide.   And of course, you can find all of her beautiful patterns at The Green Fairy.


Oh, and not only does Judi help run this amazing shop, take care of her four kids, work on a book, but she is an absolutely amazing Long Arm Quilter.  She has won several awards for her quilting.  And you can see why . . .  Here is one of her latest!!  Absolutely Stunning!!!  Yes, she does it all and does an amazing job!!!

Thank you to Judi and Clint and The Green Fairy!!!!   I am so happy to have them as a part of Happy Quilting!!! 

 And today is the first Firday of December!!!  You know what that means!!!  Happy Quilting's Christmas Extravaganza Giveaway's are beginning today!!!  And The Green Fairy is hosting our first giveaway!!!  So what do they have for you??    How would you feel about an entire Fat Quarter Bundle of Deb Strain's Coming Home being left under your Christmas Tree???

You have three chances to win, and please, leave a separate comment for each (for a total of 4 comments max :)  (If you leave one saying I did it all, Mr. Random.Org will only count it for one)

1 - Visit The Green Fairy shop and leave a comment of what item you would be at the top of your Christmas wish list!!! 

2 - Sign up for The Green Fairy Newsletter or already receive the newsletter and leave a comment. 

3 - Alert the Media - Post on facebook, twitter, or your blog about this giveaway.  Leave a comment saying where you posted and a link to that post :)  You can post on all 3 sites but it only gets you one entry, although there is always good giveaway juju :)

So that's it :) The giveaway will close on Wednesday the 7th and I will announce a winner shortly after.   And Don't forget to stop by next Friday for our second Christmas Giveaway!!!  Good Luck to all and Happy Quilting!!!
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Thursday, December 1, 2011

TNT Thursday with Dorian's Gift Bag Tutorial!!!

I am so excited this TNT Thursday to have Dorian guest posting with her fabulous Gift Bag Tutorial!!  This is something new that I totally want to try!!!  Thanks again Dorian and take it away . . . .

Hello everyone, I'm Dorian, from RidgeTopQuilts. So happy to be here today and share this bag with you!! Thank you Melissa, for inviting me :)

With Christmas arriving soon, I though a cute gift bag would be in order. You can fill it with some small things like Legos or mini dolls, and give it to a child. Or fill it with some yummy chocolates for a favorite coworker or friend. Maybe even some cute sewing things for your sewing buddy.

You will need:

   1 piece of 18"x 27" batting or interfacing of your choice (depending on how stiff/soft you want your bag.
   1 piece of 18"x27" lining fabric.

Lay fabric A strip wrong side up in front of you, going lengthwise. Measure up from the bottom 1" and from the side 2" and mark a 1 1/2"x1/2" rectangle. Do this on both ends. Draw a line down the center and from each corner to the center.

Cut on the drawn lines inside the rectangle. And press to the inside.

And sew the pieces down.

Making prairie points.

You will need nine prairie points (PP's for short) Cut out nine 4" squares. I used fabric C, but you can use whatever color you want, or even make them all different.

Fold from one corner to the other, and press. And then fold one bottom corner to the other, and press again. So the two sides of the triangle, are folds, and the bottom is raw edge.

Open up the corner where the last fold was made, just a little bit to slip in the next triangle. I like to put it in about an inch. Then sew, using a scant 1/4" seam (some people use 1/8"). Stopping about halfway thru the triangle, to put the next one in.

 I leave my small ruler right there next to my needle, so I can easily measure as I make my chain.

Sew all 9 PP's together.

 Put fabric B face up on your table,. lay the PP's down along it, matching the bottom of the PPs to the top of fabric B. Lay fabric A face down on top (make sure the slits lay along the PPs).

Pin and sew 1/4" seam.

Press the seam up, towards fabric A. This will make sure your PPs' are pointing down.

Sew fabric C to the bottom of fabric B. Right sides together, 1/4" seam.

I laid my interfacing down on the back of my project, and marked about an 1 1/2" of space that covers the slits, then cut the strip out. You don't want to cover up the slits. This area has to be open (not ironed to the lining).

Iron on my interfacing to the back of your pieced project. Then place the lining on it, WRONG sides together. If using interfacing that irons on both sides, go ahead and iron your lining down. If not, or if you use batting. Pin it and quilt it anyway you want to.

Then fold the top down about 1/2" and sew a seam.

French seam

Fold your project so that the right side meets the left side, with the WRONG sides together. Pin and sew a scant 1/4". Down the side and along the bottom.

Turn your bag inside out. Smooth it all flat and sew a 3/8" seam down the side and along the bottom.

Turn right side out, and TA-DA...your seam is now encased in another seam :)

Making the tie.

 Using a 4"x wof strip. Fold strip in half lengthwise and press. Open up, fold one long side to the middle fold line, press. Fold other long side in, press. Then fold the whole thing in half lengthwise.

Press and sew. I like to sew all around mine, but you can just sew the one seam to hold it all together, if you want.

Put a safety pin in the end of your strip and thread it thru the slits you made in the bag. This tie might be too long for you, if so, cut it to the length you want and sew the end up.

I hope you've enjoyed my tutorial.  Thanks again Melissa, for having me here.

Merry Christmas everyone.


And Thank You Dorian for taking the time to put together such a fabulous tutorial and then being willing to share it with all of us.  I am sure quite a few of us will be adding it to our list of New Things to Try!!!

So what did I do new this week???  I tried out my new mat and practiced squaring up on a rotating mat, and my oh my, I love it!!!

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