Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Quilting Away

I finished piecing the British Quilt yesterday and was ready to load it on the long arm this morning.

After a bit of debating I went with echoed paisleys in the background.  And  now that they are all done I am ready to pull out some Magnifico and add a little pop.  Magnifico is made by Superior Threads and I love the shine it has to it.  So fun!!!

More on this quilt to come ;)

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Girls Weekend Out!!!

This weekend I spent a lovely 3 days with just Barbara and my wonderful Sister-In-Laws.  We hulled up in this beautiful condo in Park City.

We were way up in the tippy top of the mountains and it was absolutely gorgeous!!!

Sadly, we didn't get to relax in the pool as it was filled with snow and the hot tub had a sheet of ice on it.  But there was plenty else to do :)

We enjoyed the beautiful scenery (and food, yummy!!) of Park City, Walked Main Street several times, took in a local art museum, and even went to see Divergent, which was awesome!!  (You always worry when you love the book seeing the movie, but they did a great job with it!!)  Mostly, we just enjoyed the carefree go wherever you want, do whatever you want, at any time of day, type of feeling you get when you don't have anyone else to plan for but yourself ;)  Such a fun weekend!!

And yes, I even did a bit of sewing.   I got these fun Half Square Triangles put together for a new quilt tutorial I will be sharing next week :)  The fabric is British Invasion and it will be a special quilt for my mother who was born and raised in England.  So fun!!!

And I would be off to finish up this quilt, but I came home to a house full of sick people.  So sad.    Even the husband had to take work off today he is so sick.  So I best go make some chicken soup ;)

Have a Happy Quilting Day!!
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Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Secret Drift

The last few days I have been busy working on a little secret project.  I know, another one, sorry.  This one came about sort of last minute so it was one of those peddle to the metal, get it done rather snappy type of projects :)  So Saturday was cutting.  I love the beautiful tones of Angela Walter's newest line Drift.  They are so soothing to work with!

Monday and Tuesday was piecing.  The top came together quick and it was a lot of fun to piece.  Then it was time to make a quilt back from this awesome oval element cappuccino print.  I love me a good polka-dot!!

And yesterday was quilting day.  I know I am so spoiled to have a long arm available for my use two doors away.  And I have to say, I love it!!!  It especially come in handy  for these super quick projects.  I quilted a combination of wavy lines with some good old swirls.  This is the first time I have tried that and I really liked the way it turned out ;)

Then it was a quick machine binding and this little Secret Drift project was in the mail by the end of the day.  Yippee!!  I promise to show more in a little bit :)

Getting this project in the mail yesterday was so very important because today starts Girls Weekend Out!!!   I get to spend the entire weekend relaxing with Barbara and my Sister-In-Laws!!!     We were given use of a condo in Park City so it's no kids and just us girls having a great time for 3 1/2 whole days!!!  Ya, I am totally excited!!!  (can you tell by all the exclamation points :)   Nothing but Rest and Relaxation, bring it on!!!

Have a Happy Quilting (or relaxing) Day!!
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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Riley Blake Mail Surprise!!!

So I got a little box from Riley Blake yesterday and I have to say, I squealed just a bit when I opened it to find these lovelies!!!

You see . . . I knew this box had my 3rd place (still totally excited about that) prize for the Modern Quilt Guild Challenge .  But I was expecting to find the 3rd place bundle shown at the intro post which was these lovely stripes.  Now, I love stripes as much as the next girl . . .

But I am over the moon crazy about polka-dots!!!  So when these lovely pink and green basics bundles tumbled out that had chevrons, gingham, and lots and lots of polka-dots, well ya, I was pretty excited!!! There was a sweet note explaining that they were out of stripes and hoped I would like these.  Well Ya!!!!  Not to mention they are pink and green!!! And you all know how much I love pink and green together, I think the ladies as Riley Blake might have stalked me a bit, how sweet of them!!!!

They also included this 7" stacker of Unforgettable by My Mind's Eye.   I love these prints!!!!  That Hexagon print, so stinking adorable!!!  And now that I have already opened  I can get right to cutting it up.  I have never used a 7" stacker and am excited to design up a perfect little plan for it :)  I see an adorable baby girl blanket in the making.

Thank you so much Riley Blake for your sweet package.  It is fantastic and I can't wait to play with these wonderful fabrics!!!

Have a Happy Quilting Day!!
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Monday, March 17, 2014

A New Button

My wonderful friend and web page designer, Becca, made me a new little button.  Isn't it just so cute!!!   And now you can find my little corner of Instagram at any time ;)  You'll find it over there on the right under the Follow Follow Me buttons ;)

I am having so much fun with Instagram.  I think I just about have it figured out, although the #'s are still pretty new to me.    Oh, and for fun, here is a picture I posted on Instagram this weekend.   Isn't it just wonderful that we can capture these special memories :)     I know she won't want to be my little helper forever so I make a note to cherish these moments, even if she does hit me in the chin with her head several times over ;)

Have a Happy Quilting Day!!!
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