Friday, August 20, 2010

Two for Twins

So one of my dear sweet friends is expecting twin girls. I was so excited to create up a little project of matching but different quilts for her. So I did a spin on the disappearing 9 patch, in that I spun all 4 blocks and not just 2. Here is the result. I think they are so cute together and I love the muted tones in the fabrics.

So here is the first one. I think it came out pretty darn cute.

I wanted to try something new in the quilting and actually do more of a design than just random stitching. This is always scary as trying something new means breaking out of the comfort zone and you are just never know what the results are going to be. I did flowers in the centers and then a "vine" with small flowers in the corners. I did each of the 9 blocks this way. They aren't perfect, but I think it is pretty cute. I was happy with the results of this new experiment in quilting.

Here is the next one. This one I am not near as happy about.

To be honest, I quilted this one first and about 1/2 way through the quilt I realized I choose the wrong color thread to quilt this with. Also, My butterflies are not near as good as my flowers, they are going to need some work. There were several times I thought about scrapping the whole thing. But I pushed on, hoping it would get better. The binding helped a bit. (I really hesitate to post this next picture, know that I am not to proud of this, but I can't only post my successes right? You would all get the crazy idea that I never make mistakes.)

So here they are together. I think seeming them as a matching pair really helps to tone down the poor quilting choices. After being reassured by another friend that it is still cute and looks homemade in a cute way and that the pair are adorable together I gave myself leave to write it off and learn from it and decided it is still cute. (just not as cute as the first one :).

Oh, and here is the back that I promised in the previous post to show. No puckers!!! That I am totally excited about!

And here they are all wrapped up and ready to be delivered. I just love finished quilts all tied up in a bow.

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  1. The quilting is nice! You inspire me to try new quilting techniques. After making many quilts using the same method I am also tired of the same old style.

  2. Melissa, these are beautiful. This is something I want to learn from you before you move away.

  3. I love them! Both of them. great job!

  4. Those are both so sweet! I think the quilting turned out great on're being way too hard on yourself! What a lovely gift.

    We are having our first EVER linky party tomorrow! We'd LOVE if you'd stop by and share this recent fabric finish. Hope to see you :)

    NOW we're following! :)

  5. I agree that you are being too hard on yourself. They are beautiful! The two lucky girls who receive these will love them :-)

  6. Thanks for linking up! Hope to see you next week :)

  7. I love those quilts, they are soooo cute and I think your quilting-job is perfect. I agree - two lucky girls who receive these quilts

  8. These are adorable. And I love the quilting...both! The flowers AND the butterflies look great! I'm part of the same free motion quilt along and now I'm a little embarrassed that my practice quilt is so ugly. But then again...I'm REALLY new and my practice quilting really isn't going to be anything worth trying to salvage afterwards. :) Very cute!


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