Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Free Motion Quilt-A-Long

So I recently joined a free motion quilt-a-long (see side bar) to work on improving and expanding my free motion quilting skills and technique. I am so happy about this quilt-a-long as I have felt a bit in a quilting rut (stuck with stippling). However, trying to break out with only self teaching has proved to be a little bit difficult. This is the perfect fit and exactly what I was hoping for!

As you can imagine, the focus of this quilt-a-long is the quilting and not on piecing together an amazing quilt top. So we were challenged to just grab some scraps, piece them in the 11 lines given, and get ready to quilt. This way if you aren't to happy with your quilting, it is okay, because you aren't to attached to your quilt top.

So I decided to go for a "I Spy" look as I have lots of scraps in that. I started going through my stash and realized that I didn't like the "Girly" I spy prints mixed with the "Boyish" I spy prints. So you guessed it. I made 2 tops, one girl and one boy. I figure this gives me twice the opportunity to practice the new skills I will be trying to attain. I am so excited to start!! Stay tuned for my adventures in Free Motion Quilting :)

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  1. these are cute! cant wait to see the finished product!


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