Thursday, July 21, 2011

Some VIBee Sewing!!!

Oh my goodness, did I miss sewing!!!  I really was starting to get a little cranky not having time to spend in my new sewing room.  So this week, I ended the hiatiaus by working on some VIBee Blocks.  

The first one is for Meghan.  She is making a red and teal quilt for her husband who is in the Army Airbourne division.  So I googled images of Army Airbourne and came up with this for a little inspiration.

And this is what I created from that inspiration.  I hope you like it Meghan.  I am just thrilled with how well it turned out :) And I am just realizing as I posted this that I spelled Airbourne wrong, after I checked it like 10 times.  Grrrr!!!  

Second, was this month's block for Krista.  She is making a "Brown" quilt for her boy.  And brown isn't her favorite color to sew with so she had our bee group help to get it done for her :)  Don't you just love how simple but at the same time how cool this is.  It will make quite a cool masculine quilt :)

Yippee Skippee for sewing again!!!  Here's to many more hours spent in my special purple room :)
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  1. Love the Airborne(bourne;0!) block!! Red and aqua are my new faves!! I'm fairly new to the blog world, but I do see several postings about "Bee" does that work? How do you get involved?
    I am moving in a month and will have a "dedicated" room for sewing and I'm thinking doing hot pink for fun! though purple is a favorite color too!! Have fun!!

  2. I love how the wings turned out.. this gives me great hope for making a set of wings into a quilt for my husband to commemorate his Aircrew days in the Navy.. thank you for posting this.. I have a lot of work to do to find a GOOD picture that I can blow up without distorting it.. but I'm excited!!

  3. The blocks are incredible! SOrry about the typo... ;)

  4. Have fun in your special purple room.

  5. I get cranky when I can't get to my sewing, too! LOL You turned out some neat looking blocks!
    Jacque in SC

  6. Yay sewing!! FYI, I have a giveaway from that they are fliers to one of my readers, but I only have one entry!!! So if you might want to play along feel free to enter. :)

  7. The block looks great and sorry about the spelling :(

  8. My hubby is Airborne as well!! WOOT,WOOT! Love your progress on it:)


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