Monday, November 21, 2011

Just Call Me a Teeny Bopper

Okay, so I haven't been sewing a lot lately.  Why??  Because I have been reading like crazy.   I am one of those crazy people who once they start a book just can't put it down. I have to finish and a lot fall by the wayside in the mean time.  

So I hadn't picked up a book in months.  Then the other day, my husband mentioned that Crossed was coming out in a few days.  So I logged onto my goodreads (which I hadn't been to in months)  page to see the release date.  To my surprise, 3 other books that I had been wanting to read had their release dates come and go while I was on a reading hiatus 

So, to the library I went!!  And now, I am all caught up in my book que and have been thoroughly enjoying the down time curling up with a few good books in front of the fire while watching the snow fall. So what have I been reading???

The second book in the YA Dystopian Matched Trilogy.   Loved it and can't wait for the last installment!!!
The last book in the YA Septimus Heap Series.  This is such a fun series!! Great for anyone who loved Harry Potter.    
The last book in the YA Shiver Series.  Think Twilight but just the werewolves :)  

The second book in the Heroes of Olympus Series.  This is the spin-off series from the Percy Jackson series.  I am half way through this book and I am so loving it!!!

So ya, basically I am hooked on YA Series.  I can't seem to get enough of them.  Just call me a teeny bopper :)

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  1. I have read half of those, and am now planning to go find the other two! :) Happy Reading!

  2. One of my daughters, 43, reads as you do, the other, 41, reads adult books. If you ever want to move to adult, check out my recommendations. I'm a quilter and a bookseller.

  3. I was a high school English teacher for 8 years before I became a sahm and I love YA!!! My favorite of all time is Meg Cabot. I absolutely love her Size 12 Is Not Fat series.

    For other light reading I like Alexander McCall Smith's Scotland Street and Corduroy Mansions series.

  4. LOL, my favorite books series, Harry Potter, Twilight and Inheritance. All YA! So I with you! (And it has been a VERY long time since I was a young adult!)

  5. Ack! Me too! I can't wait to read "Son of Neptune." It came out before I even knew there was going to BE another one. Don't worry - I picked it up a few weeks ago and I'm just trying to convince myself to finish the other three books I am reading at the moment...

  6. Niice! I read Matched and am excited for when I have the time to read crossed. That shiver series looks good too!

  7. I love young adult fiction, too! Although my favorites are historical fiction, which are a lot harder to find than fantasy!

  8. Thanks for the recommendations! If you like YA series, you need to check out The Ranger's Apprentice series by John Flanagan. I'm (not very patiently) waiting for book #6 from the library. The first one is called The Ruins of Gorlan.

  9. I do not know what it is about these books - maybe we have over active imaginations? But I to sure do love them! Enjoy your books.

  10. i love young adult books! i think that septimus heap series would be right up my alley.


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