Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Playing with the Slice

I pulled out my Slice again.  I just love doing applique, and my Slice makes it all the better.  It is just so fun not to have to cut all of the intricate corners by hand.  Nope, I just select the shape I want and away it cuts.  And I so love all of the selection.  I am not the best freehand artist so having a choice of  20 different flowers is awesome for me :)

I used Natalia's starch applique method that she taught us at the Sewing Summit.  I love it and I love that you don't get the stiff feel of Heat and Bond afterwards.  Seriously, the Sewing Summit rocked!!!  Oh, and this pattern is based off of one of Natalia's Bake Shop projects.  I will show more soon when I have it all done :)
EDIT - Here is a link to Natalia's tutorial on Starch Applique for those curious minds out there :)

If you have no idea what a Slice is you can see this post where I discuss how much I love it :)  
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  1. Very cute!
    How does the starch technique work?

  2. I was going to ask the same thing, Sharon.
    Pretty flowers, Mel!

  3. You won't believe that I struck GOLD on New Year's Eve...I went out shopping with my husband and Michael's, one of the crafting chains in NY, had all their slice stuff on CLEARANCE. I got a card for only $10! the applique one...two rolls of fusing for $1.99 each, some spray glue for $1.99 each...and blades for only $2.99. I'm actually worried that something is up with Slice? all of our stores are getting rid of the product...so I'm semi nervous, but I stocked up.

    I made snowflakes for some runners with my new card...they were great.

  4. I have a Slice, but have only done butterfly tees for my nieces so far. Would like to hear more about this starch technique...

  5. Cute flowers!! They look awesome!

  6. I have been looking in to buying a slice fabrique...Is that the one you have? I haven't found one in Utah...I think I will have to order it on-line?


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