Monday, January 9, 2012

Two Twister's

Well I finished up the Two Twisters for my Two new Nieces that are on the way.  I really enjoyed making these quilts and had fun trying the new diagonal twister design out.  I have some more ideas of how to play with this design for a later day :)  And a super fun note about these two quilts, I got the fabric for them out of my stash and I had 8 1 yard pieces.  I used up all of it with about an inch to spare.  Perfect!!!  You would have thought I had purchased it with these designs in mind :)

I quilted the this twister with a swirl design, I really like how it adds to the motion of the quilt.

And here is the back of it.  I forget how hard it is to keep a strip straight on the backing of a quilt :)

And this one is the infamous first quilting video quilt :)  It is done in a dasiy and loop design.  (Which I know, you can't see at all, but it still gives it that soft crinkly feel :)

And I loved this backing fabric, it is harder to see in the picture but there are cute little flowers in the white teardrop design :)

 And here they are together.  I am so excited to tie some ribbons around them and send them off to my wonderful Sister and Sister-In-Law.  Love you guys!!!

I am linking this to Kati's Slash the Stash!!! These were some great stash busters :)

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  1. They are beautiful! I do like the looks of that twister tool. I don't own one yet, but I'm thinking I can rig it myself with a square ruler I have. I have a granddaughter coming in April and I'm still undecided about a pattern...seeing yours, I'm heavily leaning that way! :)

  2. So beautiful! I've thought about doing a twister quilt, but don't want to waste any fabric. =( Is there a lot of waste?

  3. These are great. It is apparent that you put lots of work into them. Those lucky little ladies are going to love those quilts!

  4. I love your twisters! I just posted my twister in progress on my blog at They really are not hard. When I was done I had a neat stack of 4-1/2" squares left for another project.

  5. Lovely! The backs are just as pretty as the fronts!

  6. Very, very nice, Melissa! They will be appreciated and loved.

  7. Your quilts are beautiful Happy quilting jinnie

  8. These are both just beautiful. Great job.

  9. I love this design. What a fun way to use up your fabric. Thanks for linking up to Slash the Stash!


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