Monday, May 14, 2012

My Little Crafter's

As I said yesterday, my favorite part of Mother's Day is all of the cute adorable things my children make for me.  And so of course, being the proud Mother I am, I decided to share them with you all :)

This was made for my by my 9 year old son.  He said he choose this pattern because it was the easiest, Which made me laugh.  Doesn't look to easy to me.  Did you ever make one of these in school?? I never did but I always thought they were so cool.  They remind me of the old Spirograph toy I used to have :)   On the back of this is an original poem written by my son.  It will always be a treasure to me.

My (almost) 7 year old daughter made me an adorable book telling me all the things she loves about me.  Yeah, it got me a little teary eyed :)

This was my favorite page.  Sometimes I am not as patient as I should be during our little sewing sessions together so I am glad she sees past my little hiccups and still loves to sew.  (or sow if you are spelling it phonetically :)

My 5 your old made me this adorable little bean art!!!  He said he really liked gluing the beans but they don't taste very good.  Which also made me laugh :)  It has a cute little poem on the back about him being a little flower and helping him to grow.  Yeah, that totally got me crying :)

And my 3 year old (I still can't believe she is 3) made me a matching bean art.  (They go to the same school)  It appears she wasn't to keen on smiling that day :)  She is quite the little independent one.
Such fun Mother's Day Gifts from my little Crafters!!  (Along with lots of homemade drawings and pictures from coloring books, and little treasures they found lying around the house :)  I had a fabulous Mother's Day.  It is such a beautiful day for me.  How blessed I am to have such amazing little creations that call me Mom.  They look to me for guidance, support, nurturing, and above all, love.   I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!!!
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  1. Oh, such gifts for your Mother's Day.

  2. you have 4 kids??? how awesome.... cute little things too, I love yarn art, he did a very nice job, well all your kids did :-)

  3. Love them all! I got some crafted gifts from my daughter too, and I love how excited she was about showing them to me! That butterfly is awesome!

  4. So cute! I still have a drawer full of that kind of stuff..and my baby is now 24 yrs old!!

  5. My "kids" are so grown that most of their hand made things have fallen apart or desinagrated. LOL I do have a few Christmas ornaments that I use EVERY year. I still love them.

  6. Those are great gifts to be treasured. My kids are both in their twenties and it hasn't been too many years ago that they finally convinced me to stop putting their homemade Christmas ornaments on the tree. I still have them though. Never got to do the yarn art either but have always really liked it.

  7. Aww-www! What treasures! They take after their artsy Mom!

  8. Fun pressies, but yeah, I bet those beans didn't taste the best - did he try them with or without the glue? :oD

  9. What great and thoughtful gifts! =D

  10. What great memories you have there. Love the alternation between tears and smiles. =)

    dezertsuz at gmail

  11. So very sweet. And you can tell your 9 yr old that I am very impressed. It looks difficult.

  12. How sweet they all are!! I love that the school has helped them make something special for you. I would keep these forever. I still have little notes and craft projects from my children and they are 26 and 24 now.
    Teresa x


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