Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Staring at Fabric

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Sometimes I just sit in my little sewing room and stare at my fabric.  I am hoping we all do that and I am not a little crazy for just enjoying looking at it.  This week though, I have been staring at it hoping to come to some conclusions.  

My month for the Sew Bee Create bee is June and so I need to start getting some packages ready to go in the mail.  What's holding me up??  

Do I want a Christmas block with my oh so my favorite Christmas line ever???  I have seen so many amazing quilts in Countdown to Christmas and I so want one.  This might be the perfect time to break out this FQB. 

But then I think, maybe I want a cool shabby chic block to make a nice throw blanket for myself with these amazing prints from Daisy Cottage.  Don't you just love these beautiful tones??

I can't decide :)  Which would you do??  And fabulous block suggestions for either??  I am assuming if I decide on a block that it would be easier to pick a bundle :)

I also pulled out my Heirloom scraps so I could whip up some pillow cases to match my finished Stars Quilt-A-Long quilt.  More on Friday :)

And then I spent quite a while staring at fabric on-line trying to come to a decision on some new projects.  Do you remember my Braided Irish Chain tutorial??  Well I have been asked to teach it at the beginning of next year (I am so excited, and a little nervous :) I have altered the tutorial a bit to make the Queen size version  more of a square so it fits the queen bed a little better.  I will also be teaching a King size version.  Which means I need a Queen and King quilt to show.  That won't take long right :)

I took advantage of Burgundy Buttons sale last week and finally decided on Hello Luscious with Moda Bella White for the background for the queen size quilt.

And for the king size quilt I went with Reunion with a Moda Bella Slate background.

ore of a square I have also been doing some major quilting this week.  But won't be showing it for a few more weeks.  You know the drill :)

On to the rundown, I am so glad I can keep track of everything hear.  It is really helping me to stay on top of my projects (especially those with deadlines) and not let things fall through the cracks :)

Designing Stage
  • King Size Serenity Quilt
  • Sew Bee Create Quilt
  • Circle Meets Square Quilt
  • Snip and Clip Quilt
Piecing Stage
  • Jessi and Me Quilt 
  • Father's Day Rolling on Out Quilt
  • Braided Irish Chain - Queen and King
Quilting Stage
  • Solids Quilt for Free Motion
  • DDD Baby Quilt
Completed Stage
  • Moda Bake Shop Take it All

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  1. Look forward to seeing what you decide to go with for June, they both look good to me :)

  2. Wow - somehow I had missed that braided Irish chain quilt so I'm glad you re-linked to it. I like your dummied-down instructions even though I'm an experienced quilter. A question, though, that has always bugged me about working with Moda precuts: the edges are always pinked - do you measure up the outer points for your 1/4" seam allowance or the inner ones, or aim for the middle? Especially when you're pairing up with a straight-cut piece of fabric. I think I've had trouble working with precuts because my seam allowances haven't been consistent this way.

    Anyway, I love the quilt and since I seem to have more jelly rolls than anything else it will be a good undertaking for me. Thanks!

  3. Wow!! nice fabrics....and links...thanks

  4. No, you're not crazy, but if you are, so am I. I do that too and I have benn doing that for a few days now. And I too haven't cut into my Countdown to Christmas bundle. I'm waiting for it to tell me what it wants to be. Wish I had bought more of that line. I'm excited to see your braided Irish Chain in the Reunion/Slate. I need a King quilt and I love your pattern and I have yet to incorporate gray into my quilts, but I am excited to do so.

  5. I stared at my fabric just last night. A lot. It was quite lovely, and one of my favorite ways to spend an evening. :)

  6. Just last night I was chatting with a friend and he asked what I was doing and my answer was, "staring at my fabric... waiting for it to tell me what it wants to be". I am glad I am not the only one. I love both bundles and can't wait to see what you decide.

  7. I wish I could afford to get myself so many wonderful fabrics.I think I'm a bit jealous!

  8. Well it certainly is a wonderful list of projects and lots and lots of lovely fabric!

  9. Wow, Melissa, you sure have a lot on your plate! You know, I'm not quite sure how you do it all. Seeing as I'm in your bee I thought I'd give an opinion on that one. I'd love to do a Christmas block! Christmas in June? That would give you plenty of time to actually finish it by Christmas. And I'm so excited for you that get to teach. Teaching in person (as opposed to online) is very rewarding!

  10. Oh man, I need to start thinking about some blocks for my bees to make for me soon, good luck with your decision!

  11. Yes... I LOVE staring at fabric!! It's soothing. Inspiring. Beautiful. I love what you've picked out!

  12. I always want a Christmas count down too, and always procrastinate too long! Loved some of your ideas in the making.

  13. Yes you are crazy! But you're a quilter so it's allowed!
    Great fabric there =D

  14. Where or what are you planning on teaching your Braided Irish Chain? I would love a King-sized. My husband is Irish-descent and this looks just like Celtic knotwork. I would love to do this quilt! I sure hope the tutorial stays up for a while!
    Have you thought of doing the Braided Irish Chain as a Craftsy class? I would pay for that one!

  15. Looks like you've been spending a lot of money ;)
    It's so much fun to be able to stock up on fabrics.


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