Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tetris Quilt-A-Long - Week 1

**  NOTE  - This post is part of a series of posts for the Tetris Quilt-A-Long.  If you would like to join (and have a chance to win one of the grand prizes sponsored by The Intrepid Thread ) you can find a list of the post links here :)

Need detailed instructions on "how to play"??  See this post :)

It's Week 1 of the Tetris Quilt-A-Long!!!!  I know lots of you are excited to play so let's get right to it :)

First, Print off your grid!!
Now, color in your Tetris Pieces

Nothing fancy needed, just fill it in as if you were playing.  Here's my grid for this week.

Now lay your fabric out to match your grid.  (Yes, 2 of my yellows are right side down, but no worries, I fixed it before I pieced it :)

And now just sew your squares into rows and then your rows into your Week 1 Block!!! (For detailed instructions on sewing a grid/patch block together see this post :)  

Yippee Skippee!!!  Your first week block is complete!!!  And now you can enter to win the weekly prize :)

The Weekly Prizes are sponsored by the Fat Quarter Shop and a huge thanks goes to them for their support of the Tetris Quilt-A-Long.

This weeks  prize is a The Birds and the Bees Design Roll by Tula Pink for Free Spirit Fabrics

So what do you have to do for a chance to win this beautiful Design Roll??  Simple . . . Just link up your Week 1 block at the end of this post :)  You can link to a blog post or a flickr picture, or whatever.  Just make sure to link up by next Tuesday morning as I will be announcing a winner at the beginning of next weeks post :)

If you don't get your block done by next week you can still link it up :) (just not in time for the prize :)    The linky will remain open until the end of the Quilt-A-Long.  So if your out of town, or just had a busy week, no worries!!!  Just link up when you can :)

And Don't forget to add your Week 1 Block to the Happy Quilting Quilt-A-Long Flickr group!!!  (There will be some giveaways there too, I'm just saying :)   I am so excited to see everyone's Week 1 block!!!

So what are you waiting for . . . Get your Tetris sewing on!!!

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  1. FUN FUN FUN! I just colored my block with a few spare moments I had and can't wait to piece it later today! This is going to be SUPER fun!

  2. Yay! Just drawn my block, now hoping for some free time this weekend to get sewing.

  3. are you then doing several blocks similar to these and lining them up next to each other?? I soooo want to do it.....

  4. Cool idea Melissa! Missed see you :0)

  5. Melissa, so what do you do with your 1/2 orange square block? Do you finish it on the next block or just let it be a 1/2? I ended up with two unfinished blocks on my first one, and being the perfectionist I want to add these to my next two blocks so I get complete tetris pieces, do you know what I mean?

    1. I am just going to let it be 1/2. You are welcome to add them into the next block if you like. (You could add them to a grid now so you don't forget :) My plan is to leave that open so that when I put my blocks together I can spin them as much as I like. But adding them to the next block is totally fine :) Your block, your rules :)

    2. I'm coloring in my grid digitally with photoshop, so I just went ahead and put the 1/2 of the square on my grid for week 2. I won't be happy with unfinished pieces that don't line up.

      Really looking forward to starting this when my kids are in bed tonight!

  6. Totally fun! I just played my block and couldn't fit the final piece. Too funny, but I think in the spirit of playing I'm going to leave it like it is. Looking forward to seeing it translated to fabric!

  7. When I remembered that today was Tuesday I hopped over here right away and had to get to work. This is so fun!! I can't wait until next Tuesday to do the next block!

  8. I think I'm the only one who did not get that the first tetris piece is the first that is to be on the grid, the second one the second etc :P So I'll just pretend that I didn't make a mistake but I changed the rules and made my block slightly different :D Already linked up and on Flickr :)

  9. Oh I love this!! I'm going to make mine when I get a chance but I can already see we use the same tactics in Tetris!!
    Also that's an amazing prize and I'm totally in love with Tula Pink!

  10. First quilt a long ... first time posting a block on the web ... first time trying to figure out the blog thing ... not so good for now ... So what if we don't have a blog ??? I think my picture is out there but not sure it is ok and not sure how I did it !!! Anyway ... really happy to go through my stash of 4 inches square and play with you as a virgin-quilt-a-long! Hope I don't mess up my quilt or your blog!

  11. I love my block. This is so much fun. Some of my blocks will carry over to the other weekly blocks b/c they didn't fit into my grid, but I think I will turn out great. Im so excited. Thank you for the chance to win this new line from Tula Pink! I love it and have been eyeing it before it came out. :)

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  13. Next tuesday I will be faster:D, I didn't know it will be so much fun with those blocks :D. Looking forward to the next week's challenge.

  14. This was so much fun! I look forward to the upcoming weeks.

  15. Finished it just before bed on Monday night. Nothing like last minute sewing!


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