Monday, March 25, 2013

Mom's Millinery Marvel"

So say that three times fast!  (My son learned about alliteration last week :)

So, I have mentioned my amazing Mother-in-law, Barbara, here many times.  She is my "Hand Stitching Fairy", my creative consultant, my teacher's aid, my traveling companion, and an amazing quilter herself.  Here is her Starburst quilt that she made with the Quilt-A-Long, and yes, she quilted all of those stunning feathers on her home machine.  Stunning!!

But what I haven't mentioned is that she is also has some mad skills when it comes to the art of Millinery, aka hat making :)  Barbara has been making hats ever since her children were little.  And now she even teaches a classes at the UFO on millinery history and techniques.

Saturday, she brought this stunning hat up to ask me to model it before she gave it to her friend to be used at a Pink Hat Tea.  Her friend requested a hat a la "My Fair Lady".  I think Barbara hit it right on the nose.  It is absolutely gorgeous !  Barbara creates these hats from scratch, and I mean from scratch, as in she builds her own frames.  It is really amazing to watch how she creates these!!  So ya, I foresee a few millinery classes for me in the future.  

And of course, the girls wanted to model as well.  Jessica :)

And Kamryn.  Giving their best Eliza Doolittle impressions :)

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  1. She is one hell of a mother-in-law. She does great work.

  2. She is one talented lady and she sounds like a mother-in-law extrodinaire!!

  3. Lucky you to have a Mom who is available to go and to help you when you need it. That is a nice hat!

  4. FUN! What an interesting hobby!

  5. Lol! We just watched that movie a couple of weeks ago with our kids - they loved it :-)

  6. P.S. Now when I meet you and your MIL for lunch, I'll be expecting both of you to wear hats, LOL!!


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