Thursday, May 22, 2014

Spring Market 2014

So It has been a week since I left for Spring Market!!  Oh my goodness, it was so very much fun!!!!   This week is also the last week of school and so as much as I wanted to do a lovely post showing your every minute of my amazing 3 days there, times is quickly slipping away.  So I started putting together a mosaic of pictures and quickly realized that it all could be summed up in 2 words.


And, even with all of those pictures, I still missed some.  I got to meet and catch up with so many bloggy friends and only remember to take pictures of a few.  It was so great to chat with you ladies!!!   Corey and I even got shushed in a schoolhouse we were whispering so much :)  I was sad when I was leaving because I never ran into Amanda Jean at market and I so wanted to meet her in person, and then who but who did I run into at the airport ;)  Yippee!!!

All around, an amazing Market!!!  And I thought I would finish off with my favorite moment of Market.   Barbara and I were standing in line to meet Leah Day and get a copy of her new book when we turned around to find Eleanor Burns standing behind us in line.  Incredible!!!  We were in line for about 25 minutes  and spent the time chatting with Eleanor and the other people around us like we had known each other for years!!   I tried to play it cool but totally geeked out a few times.  What an amazing memory!!!

It was a fantastic market!!!  My creativity cup is running over and I just want to sew!!!

Happy Quilting to you all :)
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  1. This looks like lot of fun! I would want to meet Eleanor Burns too sometime in my life :).

  2. How fun! I love the photo recap! Eleanor Burns is one of my favorite heroes, too. I've met her a couple of times in person and she is just lovely :-) That's a great pic of the two of you!!

  3. I Loved meeting Eleanor at EXPO a couple times. She is so personable! Was she in line for the Book too?
    Love all the Pictures. That is how I'm going to be a the Zermatt resort next month, LOL! Fabric- Blogging Quilters, and lots of Pictures.

  4. Eleanor is very nice. Living here in Southern California I have met her many times and been to her Camp in Julian many times. She is a terrific business woman and model for any quilter

  5. I always live vicariously through all the wonderful quilt bloggers I follow when they go to Market. I eagerly await Fat Quarter Shop posting Schoolhouse to YouTube. Thank you for all the lovely photos, even if you had to rush!

  6. You crack me up. I'm so glad we finally got to meet in person and we should seriously do it again in the future !!! I geeked out big time to Jo Morton once and my Hubby reeled me in as she walked by last week. Oooopppssss :)

  7. Sounds like a really fun time! Thank you for sharing with those of us who can't go. It makes it seem more real. :)


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