Wednesday, February 4, 2015

It's still January, right ;)

Because I am just finishing up my January Bee Blocks ;)   Oops, that retreat in the last week of January set me back a bit.  But anyhow . . . I had a lot of fun with this months blocks!!!

Erica from the Beejeebers bee has us make the Great Granny Blocks.  I have had these on my "to do" list for so long so it was so fun to finally whip some up.  And yes, they are so much fun to make!!!  Must make an entire quilt someday ;)  

And for the Bees Knees, April had us make a new block that she has designed.  She will be sharing more about this in the coming months ;)  It was a fun and fast block to put together and I just love the way it works.  Might have to make a whole quilt of these too ;)  So may quilts, so little time ;)

And, I found that Bee Blocks are a great Leader and Ender project as well.  I got so many more 2 patches sewn together for the while making these 3 blocks.   My pile is growing for the Lets Go For It Quilt-A-Long and I am just loving the Leader Ender concept.  I think I will always have to have little 2 1/2" squares next to my computer going forward.  Love It!!!

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  1. Wonderful blocks love your fabric choices. Especially in the first one.

  2. Nice block by April! And I like your colour choices.

  3. I am new to quilting. What does leader and ender mean?

  4. Thank you Patricia for asking that question. I am new to quilting also and was wondering the same.

  5. I will do a little tutorial on Monday on leaders and enders ;)

  6. Those Great Grannys are fabulous! I did a quilt last year (I think) using them and I loved it.


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