Monday, February 1, 2016

Sew Day Turned Snow Day

 After teaching over the weekend I was looking forward to a day with most of the kids at school and me in my sewing room just sewing away.  And then I woke up to snow, snow, and some more snow ;)   School was canceled (the first time in 67 years) and I have spent the day shoveling, plowing, and playing.

But it turned out to be a pretty good exchange.  Playing with these little monkeys in the snow is quite fun indeed :)  And I can always sew tomorrow.

I think I could go for some Hot Chocolate right now ;)   
Hope you are having a Happy Quilting (or maybe snow playing) day ;)

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  1. that's funny. Here in Roswell NM school gets cancelled at least once a year just because the schools want to, just at the THREAT of snow!
    Ooh, hot cocoa, yes please. I make my own mix using this recipe from Blendtec. I don't use my blender for it but it still works!

  2. It looks like a great day for everyone and sewing can always wait until tomorrow.

  3. So that's what the white stuff looks like! Last winter we got 10 feet of snow for the season, and so far this season we have only gotten about 2 inches! My kids are just itching for a cozy, stay-at-home snow day, but it's just not in the forecast for us anytime soon! No complaints from me though! We don't have to shovel sunshine!


  4. You got a lot of snow, I am sure the kids loved it;)


  5. What a magical way to spend a day ! Just love that photo....

  6. Looks like so much fun!! Once in 67 years is worth missing snow for! One of our missionaries is from St. George and he was bemoaning the fact that there was a snow day called AFTER he was out of school! :D Happy sewing tomorrow!! Hugs, H

  7. Yay for a surprise day of unplanned FUN with the kiddos!!!! :)

  8. That looks like so much fun! Here in Australia we've never had a snow day, but I do remember school being cancelled due to the heat!!

  9. Great memories you are making, makes me smile.
    Enjoy them while they are little, they grow sooooo fast!


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