Thursday, March 10, 2016

Come Sail N Sew With Me ;)

I am so super excited to announce that next January, I will be teaching on a Quilting Cruise hosted by Stitchin in Heaven!!!  EEEkkkk,  so, so, so, much fun!!!  I will be joined on the cruise by Joan Ford and Nancy Raschka and we will all be teaching Scrappy n' Happy quilts.   I know right, as if quilting on a cruise wasn't fun enough, but this one is a Scrappy cruise, Yippee!!!

I will be teaching my End of the Rainbow Quilt from my book Irish Chain Quilts.   I think it is my all time favorite scrappy quilt, especially as it doubles as a memory quilt for me because it has scraps from every quilt I had ever made to that point.  It is a wonderful scrap buster and so much fun to make.  I just know we are all going to have so much fun!!

We will be setting sail from Florida on the Oasis of the Sea on January 29th of 2017 for a week long adventure through Jamaica, Haiti, Jamaica, and Cozumel Mexico with lots and lots and lots of Happy and Scrappy Sewing in between.   

So pop on over and check it out.  I would just love to have you come get your scrappy happy quilting and sailing on with me!!!  It is going to be so much fun ;)

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  1. Looks like soooo much fun!!!!

  2. oh just got back from a sewing cruise with Eileen Roche and sister Marie. Same itinerary - just go find the fabric store in Cozumel - bought more than 8 yards of fabric for like US$14. Also the Duns River Falls in Jamacia were fun but I heard a trip to Montego Bay would have been a better choice with fabric stores there too. Just FYI

  3. Avast me hearty Melissa! Ye be taking your treasure and teaching it on the high seas! (Pardon the pirate talk) Really what an amazing opportunity and it sounds like so much fun. I bet you get an amazing turnout!


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