Thursday, October 20, 2016

3 Quilt Along WIP's

I am all caught up with my secret sewing at the moment, so now I can get back to finishing up some of those things that got set aside for a deadline.   And wouldn't you know it, all 3 things I pulled out to work on yesterday just happened to be Quilt Along's, Yup, I love em!!!!

First off, I pulled out my Summer Solstice quilt top.  I thought I was pretty much done with the top, but I realized that the wonderful brother and sister-in-law I am making it for actually has a King size bed, not a Queen.  So I grabbed my leftover scraps and had just enough to add a good size border.  Which I added, didn't like the fabric arrangement, took off, and then added again, but ya know how that goes ;)  I then pieced up a backing, so this is all ready to be loaded on the long arm now.  

But it is going to have to wait it's turn, because look what I loaded on the Long Arm on Tuesday morning ;)   Yup, my Snapshots quilt along top has waited just under a year now to be quilted, and it was high time it got some attention.   I am doing all of the "pictures" in straight line quilting to practice my ruler work ;)  And then I am doing swirls and curls and loopde loops in the backgrounds and borders.     I am so excited with how it is starting to come together and can't wait to get this one all finished up so I can donate it to the Festival of Trees this year in honor of my sweet little nephew ;)

And finally, while I was watching the game with my sweetheart last night, I finished pressing all of my cute little HST's for the border of my Crossroads Quilt Along top.  They are all ready to sew together into rows this morning ;)

I am so excited to be working on these 3 quilts and to be getting them out of the WIP pile ;)  Hopefully it won't be long before I can share finish quilts ;)   

What are you working on today???
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  1. I'm about to start working on my Fig Tree 2016 Mystery BOM which is really 6 - 16 blocks a month -- lol! I have parts of the past three months to catch up on. If I get tired of that, I can switch to some sewing homework for a class -- Judy Niemeyer's Summer Solstice pattern. Your Summer Solstice pattern is in WIP status and will get some love when I feel caught up on the others. :-)

  2. I am sewing up the camera for the back of my 'snapshots' quilt. I didnt realize this quilt was so big! Wow. I'm thinking of sending mine away to be quilted. I can do quilts up to twin size and havent done anything but stipple. So, will have it done somewhere else than in my craft room!

  3. I need to out blinders on when I go to my sewing room because I keep getting distracted and I end up starting a new project. Now I have to sew up a robber costume for work! Got any ideas how to make a bag with a $ on it! I'm also adding numbers to the back of the black and white thrifted shirt I found.

  4. Busy girl! I've let two quilt alongs slide......tomorrow's the day to dig them back out!

  5. I am working on getting the borders ready and on my Summer Solstice QAL. I did quilt as you go on the blocks and finally went back and quilted the squares where the blocks came together. Once the borders are on, I have the backing ready to go and I hope it will be pretty easy attaching the back since most of the quilting is done already. I haven't set a goal deadline for finishing, so that way I have no pressure. I will share it when it is done, though.

  6. Melissa, I'm working on some donation quilts and catching up on quilt alongs, but in my head, I'm planning quilting ideas for summer solstice! Do you have a sketch of the pattern/quilttop with sashing that I can print and doodle on? I did the 3x3 layout. I tried to print one from the blog, but I couldn't enlarge enough. Thanks and have a good weekend!

  7. Oh everything is beautiful
    I did some "unsewing" and some sewing on little projects
    I spend the entire afternoon with my dad. We are planning a service for my mom. She lived to 93. I do miss hugging her and kissing her

    Happy Friday. I arrived late here haha
    Today I am going to clean and sew


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