Friday, October 7, 2016

Be My Neighbor - Camp Moda Version

Last Spring at Market,  Moda shared a new Be My Neighbor quilt during their School House and announced that it would be a free Quilt Along hosted by  local quilt shops.  I instantly fell in love, such a cute quilt!!!   The next day I was super excited when Carrie let me know that they could use another pattern tester for the Be My Neighbor quilt and I think my response was something like,  Absolutely I can be that pattern tester!!!  Moda's booth theme at Spring was "Camp Moda" and they were giving out the adorable new merit badges at all their booths.  And then lightening struck . . . why not combine the Be My Neighbor Quilt with the Camp Moda Theme . . . And that is how my Camp Moda Quilt came to be!!!

I had so much fun putting this quilt together!!!  I just loved making up each of the individual houses and seeing my little camp come together with each new block.  And of course, Moda's instructions are fantastic and so very easy to follow, making it all the more enjoyable.

I used a combination of three fabrics that were featured at Spring Market and that work so well together to really give a camp feel to the quilt, but of course, it is more of a  "pretty" camp feel.  I used Chestnut Street by Fig Tree QuiltsSundrops by Corey Yoder, and parts of Olives Flower Market by Lella Botique.   All three lines are available in shops now and I just love how wonderfully they all play together ;)

The Quilt Along started at the beginning of September so there have been 4 blocks released so far.  The first block I dubbed as the the Ranger Station.   It was so fun coming up with names for each of the houses to fit into the camp theme.    And you can see from this close up that each of the "houses" have the name embroidered on them, and a huge thank you to my 2 SIL's for helping me out with the embroidery ;)  You might recall that I am not so great when it comes to hand stitching ;)

The second blocks was released the second week of September and it is the Ropes Course.    And you can also see from these close up's of the blocks that I quilted Camp Moda with an all over curl design.  I love this design because it gives the perfect amount of texture without taking away from the quilt design at all, you eyes just flow right over the quilting ;)  

For the Third Block I just loved the little mailbox out front so of course it had to be the Camp Post. And yes, there is a little bit of Applique in this quilt as well.  But no worries, it is just a bit and very simple.  Isn't that little bird just so adorable!!

And the Fourth block that was released this week is the General Store.  And do you remember those Merit Badges that I mentioned were being handed out . . . Well you can't have a Camp Moda quilt with out Merit Badges for the campers to earn ;)  Each Moda Designer designed their own Merit Badge for Marked and Carrie was kind enough to collect one from each designer for me to use.   And don't they just add the perfect finishing touch to the camp!!!  So fun!!!

And that is my Camp Moda Quilt!!!   I will continue to share more blocks as they are released on Instagram and such, but I wanted to share the entire quilt before we got to far into the quilt along ;)   I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to make up this quilt early, it really has been a favorite to make and a favorite finish!!!   I just love it ;)

And before I sign off, I am sure you are all wondering "how do I get the patterns for this free quilt along???"  We'll that is the fun part!!!  They are all over ;)   Each quilt shop at Market had the option to host this free quilt along :)   You can find several quilt shops that are hosting it in the comments of the Original Quilt Along Post,  and I found that one of my old sponosrs, Bear Creek Quilts is also hosting it.  And maybe you saw yesterday that Moda posted another shop that is hosting and even has prizes for finished blocks!!!   And you can always check your local shop as well to see if they are hosting this fun quilt along!!!   Wherever you decide to follow along, just be sure to join in, trust me, you are going to love making up this quilt ;) 

EDIT - I have had several wonderful quilters emailing me asking me for the names of each of the buildings because they want to make their own camp as well ;)  So fun!!!   So just in case you want to make your own camp too .  .  . Here are the names I stitched on each block
1 - Ranger Station
2 - Ropes Course
3 - Camp Post
4 - General Store
5 - Arts and Crafts
6 - Grand Lodge
7 - Camp Office
8 - Welcome Center   (and the flat is stitched with Camp Moda, but you could personalize it :)
9 - Activity Center
10 - Outhouse
11 - Bunkhouse  (and I added an A, B, C, D, E, and F on the 6 little houses :)
12 - First Aid
13 - Guard Tower
14 - SS Moda  (on the hull of the ship, but again, you could personalize it ;)
15 - Boat House
16 - Mess Hall

I hope that helps :)

Thanks for popping in today.  Have a very Happy Quilting Weekend!!!

Linking up this finish to Sarah's, Quilt Story,  and Amanda's ;)
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  1. I love your quilt!! I'm collecting the pattern as it comes out and hope to make this soon. I'm in the middle of lots of Christmas gift sewing and making 2 baby quilts.

  2. Melissa!!! This is crazy adorable. This makes me happy today.
    I will try to find all of the patterns. I would love to make this quilt for my sister in law.
    Your blog is always such a pleasure to read and get inspired

  3. I just love your quilt and the fabrics you chose!! Gorgeous!!

  4. Oh what a wonderful quilt - I love love love the pattern, it would be the perfect thing for one of my girls so I shall have to track it down. The colours you chose have got that perfect end of summer vibe and as for the merit badges, oh what a wonderful idea!

  5. Its precious! Beautifully done! I've begun downloading and printing these patterns. I need to get to it!

  6. Well, you've inspired me!! I love your version of the Neighbor quilt: I've been seeing the blocks on the Bear creek quilt site, but now I've got to start on it! I love the colors you've used in it! Hugs, H

  7. What a beautiful quilt. I usually find "House" quilts quite boring. However...this quilt is adorable. All the hidden gems like the mailbox. So cute. Love it! Great job with the color selection as well.

  8. Melissa, I love your quilt! The fabrics are bright and cheerful and they make your houses pop off of the quilt. A wonderful finish.

  9. Your quilt is spectacular.Great finish.

  10. Love the colors in this quilt, and how you made it into your own by doing the camp theme!

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  12. I love your fabrics choices! Can you give me an idea of how much fabric you bought for this quilt. I know you used 3 different lines but would a fat quarter bundle work, or 2?

    1. Hi Anne, I basically used two Fat Eighth packs and then 10ish Fat Quarters from the third line for some of the larger piecing parts. And of course, I had some bits and pieces leftover . . . So I would say you could probably get away with a Fat Quarter Bundle, but you might have to add in a few more fat quarters depending on how the cutting goes.

    2. Melissa,I love the combination of the fabric you used. When you say the third line was fat quarters, are you referring to Sundrops as being your fat quarters?

    3. I actually used Olives Flower Garden as my fat quarters, I just used the browns, greens, and blacks and they worked perfect for some of the bigger houses and tress that I need a little more fabric of ;)

    4. Thank you! That's very helpful.

  13. Love this. Are there templates to use to make the blocks come out the right size? I see the pattern blocks, but are there templates somewhere?

    1. There are only templates for the applique pieces and those are with the patterns. All of the piecing is done with rotary cutting ;)

  14. Your "camp" (moda) 'be my neighbor' quilt is what made me download the to decide what color theme to use! Christmas colors keep coming to mind.....


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