Monday, February 27, 2017

February Sew Sampler!!!!

My February  Sew Sampler box  arrived and I have to say, it was such a pick me up after surgery!!!   I just can not say enough how fun it is to have this arrive in my mailbox and just thrill and finding all of the fun surprises inside!!!  And I don't know how the folks at Fat Quarter Shop do it, but each month, I always find just what I needed that month, or just what I super hoped for :)

And this month, I was so super hoping for Sweet Marion!!!!!   I have loved this fabric line from the moment I saw April's sneak peak of the trimmings :)   I just love the beautiful colors and the prints are so precious!!!  And now I have a whole Jolly Bar that I am just itching to make something with :) And I was also so happy to also get one of April's awesome patterns.  If you have never tried a Prairie Grass Pattern before you totally should, April does a fantastic job with her patterns!!!!

And this month's notions were so great, and again just what I needed!!  Some of my favorites included a new seam ripper, (and no joke, I just tossed out an old one) and some awesome clover clips, which can you believe, I didn't have any until now!!!  And I was so excited about That Purple Thang.  I have heard so much about these and was thinking about ordering one last week when I was trying to turn a lightening bolt (greek week at school) rightside out to stuff and was going nuts trying to get all the points to stick out.   But then of course, I got distracted and forgot.  So nice that Fat Quarter Shop read my mind!!!

And I might have only been able to use a few fingertips of my right hand, but I still had to whip up the monthly sampler block the day after surgery.   It so made me smile to be able to sew this block up!!   And no worries, the HST's were already done so I didn't have to trim or anything (which would have been a bit more difficult ;) just a little bit of sewing and pressing that I managed to do with my left hand ;)    Isn't is so great how sewing can just be the prefect happy therapy!!

And now, I get to look forward to the end of March when my next Sew Sampler Box  arrives .  What should I hope for next month :)

I hope you have a very Happy Quilting Day!!!

P.S.   Again, thank you so much for all of the well wishes this weekend.  I got to take off the temporary bandaging yesterday which has allowed me a lot more mobility and I was able to sew for a whole 45 minutes yesterday without my hand hurting at all.  I stopped at 45 minutes as I am trying to take it easy and not push the healing the process.  But it was so nice to sit at my machine and have some serious happy quilting time :)  

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  1. What a great reward for taking it easy and behaving--nothing like some goodies. But were there any sweets in the box ?? ;)

  2. yeah, this box is wonderful. You are a good patient. My sister had this surgery on one hand, and still has the other to do as well.
    This block is very cute. I am sick, my grand daughter (20 months) gave me her gross booger infection, so, I can sympathize. We just go slow but play with our fabric anyway

  3. I too think it was a great box and enjoyed the process of going through my box. The fabric is beautiful. I hope you heal up quickly.

  4. So glad you got some happy mail, and you even got to sew!! Wow! You are doing great! But I'm glad to hear that you are reining in your sewing time so you can heal quickly. :-) Keep taking it easy!! Hugs, H

  5. All the best on your recovery. It is nice to have a little bit of time to do what you love.

  6. Baby steps - best not to push it too far. It won't take long to get back to normal. :D

  7. Hope you will recover quickly...yes, that Sew Sampler box should help with that.


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