Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Jacob's Ladder Start!!

I have always wanted to make a traditional Jacob's Ladder Quilt so when the gals at Fat Quarter Shop emailed me that they were sharing a new Jacob's Ladder Quilt Pattern I was all over it!!!   I planned to work on this during my quilt cruise, but there wasn't a second to squeeze it in . . . so here is my start from the last few days.  Isn't it so fun!

I changed up the design just a bit playing with solids in red, white, and black.   The nice thing about the solids is that it allowed me to strip piece all of the 2 patches to be made into the 4 patches so they went super quick ;)

And I am using the same block layout and just altering the color placement of the reds and blacks. Now that I have all of the 4 Patches and HST made it is just like making bit 9 Patch Blocks ;)  They go together so fast and I just love seeing all of the points come together to form the ladder!!

Aren't the blocks so fun in this layout!!!  I just love how bold and crisp they are in the classic red, white, and black!!!

And a few seams later I have a super fun start to my Jacob's Ladder quilt ;)  This would be a cut little baby quilt, but I already have plans for this start.

One crisp, beautiful, Jacob's Ladder large lap quilt perfect for snuggling up in!!!   EEEkkk, I can't wait to finish up these blocks and get it all sewn together ;)

So I best get trimming up these HST and sewing up these blocks :)   Here is hoping I have a finish to share soon!!

And if you have had a Jacob's Ladder Quilt on your bucket list for a while, be sure to pop on over to the Jolly Jabber and check out Fat Quarter Shops pattern ;) You are going to love it!!!   And of course, there lots more blogger friends that have made their own  Jacob's Ladder Quilt so pop on over for lots of Jacob's Ladder quilt inspiration ;)  

Thanks for popping in today. 

I hope you have a very Happy Quilting Day!! 

I know mine will be filled with some more Jacob's Ladder Block making ;) 
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  1. I love your version with solid colors, Melissa!

  2. Wow! So graphic with only 2 solids in there. This feels really fresh and yet comfortably familiar. Thanks for showing this. I need to go look at those others now.

  3. I love the drama of the colors in your version!

  4. I LOVE it with the solids. Great job

  5. Beautiful Melissa. I have linked to your blog today.

  6. Hey stranger ~ I had to comment to tell you how awesome the colors are you're using. I am working slowly at it, but I've been collecting black, red, and white to make a quilt because I love the way they look. I have a list of about three quilts that made me want to learn to quilt and the Jacob's Ladder was one of them.

  7. It looks great: I love it in the red and black! Is it for a certain college? I'm getting to know your almamater's (don't know how to spell it, and spellcheck isn't helping!!) colors! :-) And how is your wrist doing? healing nicely I hope? I took a miss-step off a ladder last month and gave myself a nice little hairline fracture in my left wrist: cutting fabric hurts, so I've been slowed down in my sewing, and it made me think of you and your wrist problems. hugs, H

  8. The fabric colors just make this block it!

  9. Hey! I finally know what HST stands for. :)

  10. Gorgeous, who would know a few blocks in red, black and white turn out to be so stunning put together

  11. Amazing! I love the way it looks so complex, and yet breaks down into such a manageable pattern!

  12. Really nice! I wasn't interested in the look on the FQS' blog but this is lovely (and i don't even like the color combo or red, black and white!)


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